This 25 yr Old Is Revving Up Twitter In Kampala

Known locally as Pirate Mulwana – Joshua Mulwana is a young Ugandan entrepreneur who at the age of 25 spends

Kevin Gachiri October 10
Here Are The Six African Companies On TIME’s 50 Most Genius List Of 2018

A total of six African countries were named in TIME Magazine’s 50 Most Genius Companies of 2018 in a list

Nzekwe Henry October 8
Raising Capital: How These Five Successful African Entrepreneurs Did It

No cash to kick off with, no one wants to give you capital, and the banks have turned you down

Andrew Christian October 4
This South African Startup Wants To Be The Go-To Startup For Startups

When one thinks of the advances of the world, contrastingly the global populace has individualistic tendencies towards how these advances

This Bootstrapped Nigerian Startup Is Helping Students Find The Right Tutors

Whether the popular maxim “Examination is not a true test of knowledge” is true or not remains debatable. However, the

Joshua Moses May 14
A Guide To Morocco’s Startup Ecosystem

Morocco’s startup ecosystem is still in its development phase but is fast approaching an inflection point to become a fast-growing

5 Reasons Why Investors Can’t Seal The Deal In East Africa

While startup investment in East Africa is at an all-time high, recent reports have shown that 72% of capital went

Nigeria’s Agri-Tech Startup Farmcrowdy Creating Farmers Without Farms

Remember the popular maxim that defines insanity as doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

Joshua Moses March 26
Kenya’s TabAds Takes Out The Boredom From Your Cab Journeys, Cashes In From Digital Ads

The traditional media ranging from television, newspaper, radio, and billboards have enjoyed the centre stage for long. But who has

Nayantara Jha March 9
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