Meet Silas Adekunle: The Nigerian Prodigy Who Is Fast-Becoming The King Of Robotics

Africans are known to be making waves and holding their own amongst their peers on the global tech scene, and

Nzekwe Henry October 16
Internet Ventures: 5 African Founders Who Have Railed In Massive Online Cash

In the course of the past two decades, a significant number of digital ventures have been springing up from different

Andrew Christian October 16
The African E-commerce Saga: Chapter Egypt

Yasuhiro Fukushima, a Japanese business executive, was not wrong when he said, “In the future, instead of buying bananas in

Nzekwe Henry October 12
These 5 At-The-Top African Entrepreneurs Are School Dropouts

What does it take to be successful nowadays? A college degree from an overseas university or a nice stroke of

Andrew Christian October 11
This 25 yr Old Is Revving Up Twitter In Kampala

Known locally as Pirate Mulwana – Joshua Mulwana is a young Ugandan entrepreneur who at the age of 25 spends

Kevin Gachiri October 10
With The Shopping Season Round The Corner, Here Is A Sneak Peek At The African E-Commerce Industry

A report by International Post Corporation predicts that global e-commerce sales will go up by 141% between 2016 and 2021.

Team WeeTracker October 9
Identifying Bitcoin Scams And Fake ICOs

There is hardly an innovation that sprouts around the world that doesn’t receive some sort of criticism. The invention of

October 9
Raising Capital: How These Five Successful African Entrepreneurs Did It

No cash to kick off with, no one wants to give you capital, and the banks have turned you down

Andrew Christian October 4
How Artificial Intelligence Can Affect Developments In Africa

For some time now, the global tech scene has somewhat been abuzz with activities centered around the subject of Artificial

Nzekwe Henry October 3
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Five Business Opportunities That Could Prove To Be A Gold Mine In Africa

Africa’s potential as a repository of immense human and natural resources is undeniable. If anything, it remains largely underutilized and

Nzekwe Henry October 2
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