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African Startups and Venture Capital Report - H1 2018

African Startups raised USD 168.6 Mn in H1 2018 – WeeTracker Research


WeeTracker has made it a mission to tell the stories of African entrepreneurs who are shaping up the ecosystem by taking risks – to do what they believe would bring about a significant change in their countries. It's now been six months since we launched our operations in Africa and we now feel that we have an insider’s view of the ecosystem like no other because we aren’t looking outside-in.

We look to each one of you to give us feedback so that we can bring you the best reports, insights and information in the coming months.

Download the Report

Do share your thoughts about the report with us at editor@weetracker.com or through our social media pages. We have put in our best efforts to ensure the accuracy of numbers and facts in the report, but if you feel something is not right, do let us know, and we will look into it.

The African startup story has just started and is taking on an interesting shape, and we are here to cover it all.

Recommended Read: African Startup Report 2017 and compare how far the African startup ecosystem has come and matured in last one year!

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