Ethiopia Continues To Open Its Economy: For The 1st Time, It Has Issued Financial Services License To A Foreign Firm

Ethiopia’s Central Bank has for the first time granted a financial services license to a foreign firm, Ethio Lease. This

Uganda To Unveil A Sh3 Trillion Investment To Unlock Country’s Potential

The Government of Uganda, through a state-owned investment company, is planning to inject up to Sh 3 trillion (USD 813

EABL Channels Sh 22 Billion Towards Clean Energy

Clean energy is taking shape in Africa, the continent is making commendable efforts in regards to clean energy. Many governments

USD 12 Mn Serious, Egypt Is Championing The Installation Of Solar Power Stations In 7 African Countries

In an ambitious stride to assist the African continent in its development process, Egypt has taken the plunge to implement

Killing Two Birds With The Same Stone? This African Town Is Turning Garbage to Electricity

A town in Uganda is working on a project which turns garbage into electricity that will be connected to the

100,000 Annual Deaths In Africa Caused By Fake Drugs: Find Out How This Country Is Using Blockchain To End The Menace

Counterfeit medicines are on the rise, killing approximately 1 million people a year, around 10 percent of medicines across the

Uganda To Produce 5,000 Cars Annually In Its First-Ever Car Factory

Uganda’s Kiira Motors Corporation has started working on its first USD 263 Mn car factory which is set to begin

Meet The Riding-hailing Firm Which Puts the Driver in The Driver’s Seat

Ride-hailing apps have become the new normal taxi option in Kenya with new entrants launching into the market time and

Giant Construction Companies in East Africa Banned by World Bank

Major construction companies in East Africa, Indian firm SAI Consulting Engineering Ltd and Universal for General Construction and Trading Company

Chinese Firm Targets 1 Million Phones Annually As it Sets Up First Phone Manufacturing Plant in Uganda

In a bid to grab Uganda’s fast-growing phone market, A Chinese Electronics firm ENGO has launched a phone manufacturing plant

“When Life Gets Tough, Smile & Make A Video” – The Poor Orphan Boy Who Went From Rock Bottom To Rockstar In A Flash

Isaac Oboth lost both his parents when he was just 7. He had to fend for himself from the age

The Boy Who Once Hitchhiked From Kampala To Nairobi To Get Sugar For His Family Has Built A USD 500 Mn Conglomerate – How?

Patrick Bitature is the Chairman of Simba Group of Companies and one of the richest people in Africa, but unlike