Here’s How To Craft A Winning Startup Business Plan

A kickass business plan can be to a startup what a winning game plan is to a soccer team. Starting

Nzekwe Henry December 5
The Funding Conundrum: Why Seeking External Funds Might Not Be a Good Idea For Startups

There is a lot of fuss around the subject of raising funding and its importance to a startup’s chances of

Nzekwe Henry December 2
To Use Or Not To Use Pinterest?

You may have heard of the Pinterest story, but never really bought it. While Facebook and Twitter are conceived as

Andrew Christian November 30
Attending a Tech Conference? Here’s How To Stand ‘Above’

You have taken the plunge with your tickets in one hand and business cards in the other! All set to dominate this

Team WeeTracker November 28
40+? Not Too Old! You Can Still Score Big As An Entrepreneur

So I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline yesterday and saw posted pictures of you from ‘friends of friends’, all

Andrew Christian November 26
5 Powerful Business Tips That Can Be Picked Up From The Richest Black Man

A life of huge success; marked by great wealth and true happiness, is the dream of many but the accomplishment

Nzekwe Henry November 25
Adopting The Richard Branson Model – Becoming A Relatable Entrepreneur

Business, sometimes, is all about having a connection with your customers, which makes entrepreneurship ultimately about people. It hardly counts

Andrew Christian November 24
So You’ve Raised Seed Investment For Your Startup, Now What?

So it finally paid off — all those endless sessions on strategy, countless hours of talking potential clients into getting

Nzekwe Henry November 22
Don’t Just Listen, Get noticed – Accepting Applications for BRIDGE East Africa Startup Pitch

Success with collaboration is far more fulfilling than succeeding alone. It is this strength of network that we truly believe

Team WeeTracker November 12
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Why BRIDGE is Better Than the Jungle Safari You Are Planning?

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have loads of work all the time on your shoulders? Do you feel that

Team WeeTracker November 5
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