From Classrooms To Boardrooms – How This Former Teacher Became The Richest Man In Algeria

It is common knowledge, albeit quite a disturbing one, that a significant proportion of the African population is caught up

Nzekwe Henry December 13
No Power? No Problem! This Nigerian Engineer Is Making Ironing Possible Without Electricity

Have you ever wanted to look dandy and gilt-edged for an occasion, looking to rock your hairsplitting and genteel piece

Andrew Christian December 5
These Local Women Farmers Are Empowering An Entire Community – And It All Began With The Slice Of A Pineapple!

It’s a typical hot and sunny afternoon in Marafa; a small village buried in a canyon-like valley in Kilifi County,

Nzekwe Henry December 5
Founders And CEOs Exits – The New Cool Or The New Chaos?

Sometime around mid-October this year, most startup and entrepreneurship-focused media platforms in Nigeria and beyond just had to have a

Andrew Christian December 4
How A Girls School In Rural Kenya Is Drawing Clean Water From Thin Air

Growing up in Nothern Kenya where it is mostly arid is such a hard life as people living in the rural

Kevin Gachiri November 30
Bridging the STEM Gender Gap in Lesotho: Mapharisa’s Girls Coding Academy Is Breaking The Stereotype

Some years back, the tech sphere was largely considered one area many females across the world had no business calling their

Cheap Electricity From Mimosa Extracts – Could This Nigerian Professor’s Invention Be The Answer?

The truth about commitment is that it does pay off. Years upon years in the academic field, lots of books

Andrew Christian November 28
The Malawian Boy Who Brought Electricity To His Village Was Once Called ‘CRAZY’ – Here’s His Soul-Stirring Story

Sixteen years ago, Malawi was hit by one of the worst droughts that the East African nation has ever seen.

Nzekwe Henry November 26
No More Job Fairs And HR Drama – Why Hackathons Are Pulling Crowds

So did you hear? Ethiopia’s game is changing! Well, here’s what’s up: the US Embassy in Ethiopia is set to

Andrew Christian November 23
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Now AI Can Detect Breast Cancer In Seconds, Thanks To This Ghanaian Teen

Prodigies are no longer alien to our world; we all like knowing about them and appreciate their efforts. In what

Andrew Christian November 21
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