This Brewery Is Entering Nigeria With A USD 400 Mn Investment

Belgium-headquartered brewer Anheuser-Busch (AB InBev) expects the total investment in its new brewery at Sagamu in Nigeria to be up

Nigerian Farmers To Benefit From USD 58 Mn Project Focused On Deepening Food Security

The government of Nigeria in collaboration with the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP), Global Environmental Facility (GEF) has set aside

The Gig Economy Is The Present And The Future Of Employment In Africa – But There’s A Big “BUT”

Unemployment has remained a problem in several parts of the globe. Africa has had its fair share of the problem

OVO Foundation’s USD 1. 95 Mn Power Investment To Increase Electricity In Rural Kenya

As per May 2018, 75 percent of the population in Kenya had access to electricity. And according to a World

Ethiopian Airlines’ New National Carrier Will Base In Accra 

Addis Ababa-based Ethiopian Airlines has reached an agreement with the government of Ghana, foreshadowing the setup of a new national

Social Enterprise To Impact 100,000 Kenyan Farmers Following Latest Investment

Mexico headquartered social enterprise firm has made known its plans to impact 100,000 farmers in Kenya after receiving USD

AfDB’s New USD 61.8 Mn Raise Will Narrow Down Africa’s Gender Gap 

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has secured USD 61.8 Mn in investments from the governing committee of the Women Entrepreneurs

EAC Single Currency Adoption To Take Longer Than Anticipated

The adoption of a single currency in the East African community may take longer than anticipated as the regional bloc

South African Companies Could Soon Start To Offer ‘Pawternity’ Leave

Recently many companies in the United States have updated the privileges they grant their employees in a bid to retain

Kenya Unveils Digital Economy Blueprint

The Kenyan government has unveiled a blueprint whose vision is “A digitally empowered citizenry, living in a digitally enabled society”,