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Africa, was a consumption economy from decades but then the paradigm shift towards creation escalated in early 2000s and today, Creators from all corners of the continent are innovating in technology, retail, finance, hospitality, education and health.

WeeTracker is organising Africa's largest conference which will bring together 5,000+ creators, product heads, design engineers and makers working at the intersection of product, marketing, and design – inspiring you to build better products, for the next billion.

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Kevin Lorenz
HOP Sokowatch

And Many More Speakers Coming Soon

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Day 1

  • Masterclass - Leveraging internet as infrastructure for the next product
  • Panel 1 -How to spot African creators, Early
  • Masterclass - Creators Mindset
  • Panel 2 - How to educate and train next creators
  • Breakout session -
  • Panel 3 - Decoding The Enterprise Opportunity For Fintech Startups
  • Panel 4 - Plan for getting the next million moving - Mobility for Tier 2
  • Breakout session -
  • Panel 5 - finding and engineer the right product for Africa

Day 2

  • Masterclass - MS
  • Panel 1 - What digital products do you predict in 2023/25
  • Masterclass -
  • Panel 2 - Imagining the future of Heathtech in Africa
  • Breakout session - Creating beyond constraints
  • Panel 3 - The future of retail in Africa/ Is there a big shift?
  • Panel 4 -Banking the unbanked and pivoting for unbankables
  • Breakout session -
  • Masterclass - How to create in Africa, for Africa

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The fee allows us to stream insightful talks by a curated list of speakers right to your screens. It enables us to put in all the background work necessary to ensure that you have an inspiring and meaningful experience with the summit.

No, unfortunately refunds will not be possible.

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