FRAGG Investment Ltd Calls West African Entrepreneurs To Apply For The Impact Investment Accelerator Cycle

By  |  June 28, 2018

Companies and projects in the impact sectors of Financial Institutions (MFIs, SME Banks, Finance Houses, OFIs, and Commercial Banks) Agriculture, Healthcare, Affordable Housing, Education, and Climate Finance – that are looking to expand and scale-up, are invited to apply for a round of support and funding from a wide range of offshore investors (Development Finance Institutions, Specialized Investment Funds, Impact Funds, and other partner investors).

Employing a triple-bottom-line method, the main target is investing in and mobilizing funds for high-growth firms in Nigeria and the rest of West Africa that does well to promote social and environmental impact. The goal is to form a substantial financial return for investors while supporting companies that are contributing to the realization of a better world.

FRAGG Investment Management Limited is an impact management and advisory firm that specializes in managing funds targeting investments in the impact and climate domains. They liaise with financial institutions, impact projects, small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs), as well as other impact and climate domains in West Africa to raise new capital and support the growth of businesses, especially startups.

All shortlisted applicants can expect to receive:

-An accelerated proposal assessment program to help determine the suitability of your business for financing

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-Support in preparing your business to be eligible for investment.

-Direct investments as debt or equity in selected businesses within our core focal areas.

-Access to a global range of funding agencies and investors.

-The mobilization of investment (debt, equity, or mixed instruments) into shortlisted companies/projects.

-Support in governance and management structures.

FRAGG Investments Limited is calling companies practicing responsible business by combining financial returns with discernable social and environmental impact. They bring in expertise and necessary tools to support your business in all the target sectors. 

Eligibility Criteria

General requirements include:

-A minimum need of UDS 0.5 Mn for expansion/scale-up.

– High growth companies in the target impact sectors.

– Having high social/environmental impact.

–  Being innovative projects with growth potential, and a financially viable business model.

– A diverse management/staff with a reasonable number of women and youths

– A clear and transparent ownership structure with a strong management team.

Target Impact Sectors

– Inclusive Finance & related Fintech Services

– Agriculture 

– Healthcare & related services

– Affordable Housing

– Education

– Climate Finance

Find more information and APPLY HERE.


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