About Us

WeeTracker is a Pan-African, research and media company (READ, NOT A NEWS PUBLISHING PLATFORM).

Our Mission is to build an independent, credible and a new kind of journalistic media company, WHICH TELLS STORIES THAT MATTER To Africa.

Our editorial and business decisions are led by few principals.

Our Code of Conduct

Data/Fact/Source Backed Journalism

Every story that goes on WeeTracker has a unique feature about it. Our key editorial principle is basing stories on data/facts OR very strong reliable sources. We don't publish news. We create news.

Editorial Integrity

We do not accept gifts, discounts, reimbursements or any other inducements from any organisation or individual that we write or are likely to write about.

Chance to Respond

Whenever writing about people, companies and other parties, we try all possible means to reach out to them/their representative agencies and give them a chance to respond to questions, criticism or allegations.

Inclusive Journalism

We dont just write for the white collar corporate suits and startup pants. We aim our journalism to be as inclusive as possible. In the past, we have done multiple stories that has brought a positive/decisive change in the lives of the public. We seek to include people from a broad variety of backgrounds, both in our newsroom and on our platform.Journalism Is Our Product!