These Are The Top Trusted Professions Globally- And Its Not The Ones You Know

September 18, 2019

When someone asks you what you do for a living and you tell them, often they either smile or pull that displeased look. There is a perception that has been created for almost every profession, some are known to be honest and ethical while others are disreputable and slippery.

For a long time, medical professionals have been the most trusted but the trend seems to be slowly changing as the latest reports show scientists are considered the most trustworthy profession in the world.

The Global Trustworthiness Index by Ipsos has shown that scientists are considered the most trustworthy professionals in the world.

“Six in ten of the global public rate scientists as trustworthy and just one in ten consider them untrustworthy,” Ipsos said.

The Index is based on a survey of more than 19,587 adults across 23 countries. Findings of the survey have shown that people across seem to have a slight difference in who they view as trustworthy but they all are in agreement when it comes to the professions that are untrustworthy.

After scientists, the next most-trustworthy profession is doctors (56 percent trustworthy), then third comes teachers (52 percent).

The survey, however, showed that for South Africa, doctors remain to be the most trusted professionals.

The two professions are the only ones considered as trustworthy uniformly across all countries.

The survey also highlighted the most untrustworthy professions. Worldwide, two-thirds of the public see politicians as untrustworthy (67 percent) and almost six in ten say the same about government ministers (57 percent).

The results of the survey do not come as a surprise. Most politicians have come to learn that the key to winning an election is to make great promises and a good number of them bank on this trick to get elected.

Most campaign promises get broken as politicians never fulfill their commitments. The failing to fulfill promises has been the culture throughout history and across most countries reducing the level of trust to nearly zero. The broken promises have highlighted that there is a huge difference between campaign determination and implementation timidity.

“Emerging economies such as South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico tend to be much less trustful of both government and public services – perhaps reflecting relatively high levels of concern about corruption in many of those countries,” Ipsos noted.

Teachers, doctors, members of the armed forces were among the most trustworthy in some countries where the survey was taken.

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