Introducing ReadyGuides: The Playbook for African Business Scenario

By  |  February 23, 2021

WeeTracker & AfriCo have partnered to bring data & research reports around African startups & business scenario. The partnership aims to build a knowledge & information infrastructure that can be used as ready-guides to navigate through Africa’s complex business scene.

WT members get exclusive access to ready guides that entails micro & macro information on industries, regions & sectors. The first ready guide that is out today is focussed on giving our subscribers a micro view of the Ugandan tech & startup ecosystem.

Since the media and buzz are primarily focussed on Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa, we must start putting out other budding and fast-growing tech ecosystems in the African continent.

AfriCo’s data analyst team provided us with more than 300 financing as well as M&A transactions that took place in the Ugandan early-stage ecosystem between 2015 to 2020. The Ugandan Startup ecosystem ready guide will give a clear insight to budding entrepreneurs, investors and businesses on what is it like on the ground, who are the enablers, what are the key factors before you start a business, make an investment or expand your business.

The guide also shares a clear analysis of what are the top industries that are getting investment attention and the investors that are actively contributing to the development of the early-stage ecosystem.

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WT thrives to create a knowledge infrastructure on African economies, businesses & startups for individuals and businesses in Africa and around the world. The partnership with AfriCo will bring in light data that has not been discovered yet.

If you wish to suggest us ideas on our next ready guides, feel free to email me at [email protected]

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