Meet The Nigerian Lady Who Received A Red Letter On Black Friday

By  |  December 26, 2022

Agree or not, businesses or individuals that need visibility and sales ask a lot for Copywriting. It takes Copywriting to breathe life into a dying business and lead a crawling one to take its first lucrative step. Then there’s the hiring of a Copywriter or Copywriters for the business, those who need to understand the goal of the company and help interpret it in easy-to-understand language and medium to the target audience. Many types of Copywriters are made in different parts of the world, requiring a lot of attention to spot the good ones.

The most essential ingredients of a successful business — sales and marketing personnel —  are some of the most difficult and capital-demanding professionals to find in the labor market. Finding the right one to hire also require huge amounts of time and energy. Why the urge to work on a great business idea can be tempting, the Agora business team has realized that having a great business takes a lot more than just a great idea. Sales are the lifeblood of every business, according to Melissa Houston, a Forbes contributor.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a young Nigerian lady, Precious Oriji, decided to use the opportunity the lockdown provided to learn the nitty-gritty of Copywriting and Sales Psychology to help individuals and businesses craft marketing messages and campaign ideas to increase their visibility and sales. “A lot of businesses will suffer particularly in Africa if nothing is done to improve how they communicate their business to their customers,” she says when asked to tell the reason for her concern.

As uncertainty creeps in, affecting every area of her journey, from the starting phase to every other phase, could the struggles spell an end to her dreams? Not enough; she is resilient. Her wins and failures have been her teachers while taking intentional steps to help businesses record more sales. Here are a few examples. 

Tackling Rejections

In 2021, after honing her skills to the level where she can produce results, Precious wanted a job. Knowing that as a Nigerian most international clients especially well-paying clients might not trust working with her, Precious, whose background is in Sales Psychology, started to ponder how she could get them to drop their bias and work with her.

Precious started researching and realized that having proof of her results, could positively affect the way she’s perceived by these brands, which she did by working twice as hard as the average person.

Results account for an estimated 90% of a Copywriter’s success. Research, trends, and customer awareness level are generally required in a successful marketing campaign. “The first copy I wrote was a flop, but now when I work with clients, they assign other projects to me because of the results my copy and strategies bring,” Precious says. “People now consult me for marketing strategies and creative ideas for their marketing campaigns” she added.

Precious developed a process this Black Friday, which helped her close over 200 sales in two days. This process is similar to the traditional Black Friday approach except that she created a list of people who trust her, believe in her, and are ready to pay for her services, telling them that she’s giving a discount for what they are already yearning for. The final result was that it was easier to close them. “Everything else, all the good traits we typically find in customers” such as cooperation and loyalty is found in building the right audience (community of people interested in the solution your business offers) instead of gathering a crowd, according to Precious. 

Happiness From Community

Another success that Precious saw also came in 2021. Precious Oriji was a freelance copywriter and sales psychologist in Lagos, Nigeria working with businesses to help increase their numbers. In her spare time, she was reading. She learned something in the process: competence and patience, which saw her dream come true, are one of the most tasking parts of the process. Being broke and learning a skill at a ripe working age, which can lead to depression if you have the wrong people around you, can lead you to the quality of life you want for yourself if you keep at it. Confidence comes from practice, practice builds competence, and competence builds confidence, according to studies by Carolyne Crowe, an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Liverpool. Precious applied her experience as a Nigerian copywriter to helping other Nigerians with the same dream and aspiration.

She thought, “What if I just taught them how I did it, we can all win together,” Precious says. Precious set to work sharing sales and marketing content in copywriting forums across different social media platforms, where folks interested in the skill gather. The response was great. Members of the forums started reaching out to her for help with honing their skills, according to the results of a poll in her community.

She went on to build a large fellowship on social media. But despite the large presence on her social media platforms, her offers weren’t immediately taken up by these folks, according to Precious.

“When you have an offer (Coaching program or course) that can help folks hone and monetize their skills, but they are exposed to free or cheap incomplete confusing approach, it takes a little while. In the copywriting industry, in particular, a lot of newbies taught by wannabe copywriting coaches who can’t even write a decent headline, parade themselves as experts,” Precious says.

To overcome that stumbling block, Precious instead promoted her offers as a lower-cost, complete alternative to the available option. Today I teach copywriting to hundreds of copywriters, Precious says, and have created premium offers she sellout with ease.

Customers Satisfaction Goal On Black Friday

While creatives like Precious Oriji looked to provide innovative solutions with this Black Friday, Top E-commerce brands like Jumia and Konga are getting trolls from customers. 

Jumia, the biggest e-commerce platform in Africa, has been trolled over the years for abusing the idea of Black Friday, however, they promised a better experience this year.

Precious on the other hand was able to give over 200 people access to her programs for a simple fee this Black Friday and she’s working to reach more people this festive period. “The goal is to reach as many people as possible. You can’t do that if you don’t come down to a certain level,” Precious says. “I will reach as many people as they need my services, no matter how big or small, no matter how young or old, and we will work to get their desired result.”

After Black Friday, participants can’t help but show their gratitude, which is a success, because it’s not a success if it’s not unlocking gratitude in society.

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