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44 years old. That is how old Sam Walton was when he started building Walmart, and NOW I have to hear

The Importance Of SPEED In Business

Even as I sit here dictating this article, my writer Colin, who snuck into my office at 11:01 even though

What Startups Really Sell

I see hundreds of startup pitches every year. I am constantly evaluating companies, new incumbents and my competition. I live


Listen, this is probably one of the most difficult conversations you can possibly have, but I also think it’s one

The One Thing People Will Massively Overpay For

I don’t think Uber, Airbnb, and Instacart are anomalies in the way a lot of people tend to view them.

Why Reading This Article Won’t Help You Be A Better Entrepreneur

I love that I have fans. I love that all of you consume my content and learn from me and