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Kenya Launches Africa’s Largest Wind Power Station

President Uhuru Kenyatta will today commission Africa’s largest wind farm, Lake Turkana Wind Power, which will generate 310 Megawatts of

Wise Venture Capital Invests In Morocco’s Online Brokerage Startup SOS Credit IMMO

Wise Venture Capital, the independent Moroccan investment management firm owned by Small Assistance Enterprise Fund (SEAF), has invested an unspecified

You Risk Being Blacklisted By Uber If You Vomit In Their Cars

Taxi-hailing app, Uber, is planning to blacklist clients who are considered “rowdy” based on their poor evaluation from drivers. Through

More Than A Year After Execution And Over USD 20 Mn Lost, Chad Finally Restores Its Internet

A few days ago, the President of Chad, Idriss Deby, ordered for the lifting of the ban placed on social

Everyone Is Raving About The “Parliament of Ghosts” – Meet The Man Who Took History’s Relic From Tamale To Manchester

Ibrahim Mahama is building a parliament with recycled train seats and cabinets. These were salvaged from abandoned trains from back

Andela Co-Founder Christina Sass Steps Down As President

Another Andela co-founder is stepping down – but not in the way you think. This time, it is the President

Meet The Riding-hailing Firm Which Puts the Driver in The Driver’s Seat

Ride-hailing apps have become the new normal taxi option in Kenya with new entrants launching into the market time and

New Report Says There Is An Inequality Crisis In West Africa – And The Numbers Are Pretty Disturbing

Oxfam and Development Finance has released a new report which assesses the state of the urban population compared to those