An Exhaustive List Of Co-Working Spaces In Nairobi

By  |  May 18, 2018

In continuation to our series on Co-Working spaces in Africa, we bring to you a comprehensive a list of co-working spaces in Nairobi, Kenya. The list covers a detailed description of amenities, pricing and contact information.

AHANSA Business Centre

Launched in 2016, AHANSA Business Centre is situated in Westlands. It strives to provide a full serviced business environment with leading-edge IT-service type solutions. It offers full reception services inclusive of couriering / mailing of packages, emailing, faxing, photocopying, printing, etc. In-house catering and lounge services for its members and clients along with the regular offering of meeting and conference rooms access.


Available facilities: photocopier/printer/scanner, Integrated Voice Response (IVR), personalized reception and secretarial services Extra facilities: conference rooms, virtual offices, short-term rental executive suites and boardrooms.

Location: Aly’s Centre, 5 Muthithi Road

Pricing: Hot desk (16): price on request

Opening & Closing Times: Mondays to Saturdays 7.30AM-5.30PM

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +254 724 121 212 / +254 736 444 488


Almasi is flexibly priced coworking space provider on Watermark Business Park, Ndege Road.

Offering spaces on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis, it makes the hustlers enjoy its flexible working environment. Their pricing is inclusive of the services which include fiber optic internet access, tea, coffee and water for all staff and client visitors.

Available facilities: boardroom, common areas, photocopier/printer/scanner, kitchen and drinks & reception service Extra facilities: Membership for private office, business lounge or business address

Location: The Watermark Business Park, Langata Road, Ndege Road Junction

Pricing: Hot desk: KES 350/h Dedicated desk: KES 26,500/PM

Opening & Closing Times: Mondays to Fridays 8AM-5PM

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +254 709 752 186

Axlr8 Coworking Space

Axlr8 Coworking Space is naturally lit working space with professional and IT service support. Located in Kilimani, it boasts of its fully orthopaedic ergonomic office chairs for comfort. With great testimonials, it can act as new home to small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers. Along with regular office supplies access and services, it provides on-site resource professionals and legal services at a separate cost.


Available facilities: kitchen, integrating SMS into marketing strategy & hot drink Extra facilities: meeting rooms (enabled for video conferencing) for KES 3,000/h conference rooms (audio-visual equipment, whiteboards and beverages. Virtual address and shipping for 10,000/y

Location: Adlife Plaza, Ring Road Kilimani, (2nd floor)

Pricing: Hot desk: KES 7,500/PW Dedicated desk: KES 20,000/PM

Opening & Closing Times: Mondays to Saturdays 8AM-8PM

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +254 706 276 622 / +254 706 276 631


 Launched in 2010, The iHub offers a mix of creative workspaces and meeting rooms. Located on the top two floors of Senteu Plaza on the junction of Galana and Lenana road, the iHub is surrounded by lush greenness and great views of the Nairobi skyline. Its members are offered to access all their facilities including 24/7 access, event space, lounge services and at subsidized rates for paid services.


Available facilities: Phone booths, meeting rooms, kitchen, event space, lounge

Extra facilities: meeting rooms & local events

Location: Senteu Plaza, Galana / Lenana Road Junction, (6th floor)

Pricing: Hot desk: KES 200/h Community desk: 7,000/PM

Dedicated desk: KES 20,000/PM Private offices: KES 70,000/PM (4,8 or 12 persons)

Opening & Closing Times: Mondays to Fridays 8AM-8PM and Saturdays 8AM-6PM with 24/7-member access

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +254 798 985 410


Ikigai is coworking space situated in a house and a lush green garden providing open space working environment to a large community of writers, consultants, techies, marketers, angel investors and entrepreneurs. It offers living room style and lounge-like styles of a working environment. Membership provides access to discounts for events, boardroom and conference room hourly access, outdoor meeting space access according to the subscriptions.

Available facilities: variety or social spaces, photocopier/printer/scanner, parking, kitchen & coffee bar, Extra facilities: meeting rooms (14-seater) & boardrooms (2x 6-seater) events, workshops & concerts Extra’s: Membership including: lunch (mon-sat), coffee, discounts for events, meeting- and boardrooms, 24h-access, available community manager

Location: General Mathenge Drive, Lavington, Lower Kabete

Pricing: Hot desk: KES 20,000/PM or KES 10,000/PM (limited to 10 days/PM) Dedicated desk: KES 30,000/PM Private office: price on request

Opening & Closing Times: 24/7 access

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +254 797 519 466


Nailab is a business incubator, founded in 2010. It offers spaces to businesses, start-ups and individuals. From hot desk for daily basis working, dedicated office space to hiring space for events is provided here. Services include event space, boardroom access and also incubator support.

Available facilities: coffee and tea

Extra facilities: incubator support, event space (max 25 persons) & boardroom

Location: Bishop Magua Centre, (4th floor)

Pricing: Hot desk: KES 700/day Dedicated desk (office for 3-6p): KES 10,000/PM/pp

Opening & Closing Times: Mondays to Fridays 8AM-5PM

Email[email protected]

Tel: +254 790 492 467

Nairobi Garage

With central locations in Kilimani and the Westlands area, Nairobi Garage is Africa’s co-working space for new and growing businesses. It provides well-designed coworking and enclosed offices, event space and on-demand fully equipped meeting room facilities. Pricing based on daily, flexible and fixed packages.


Available facilities: support team, conference room (bookable per hour), tea, coffee & water Extra facilities: meeting rooms Extra’s: Event space discounts, offers & giveaways, workshops and member nights, investor introductions, PR Support and online community portal

Location: Pinetree Plaza, Kaburu Drive Ngong Road, (8th floor) & M2, Mirage Towers, Westlands, Chiromo Road

Capacity: Ngong Road: 500 desks / Westlands: 300 desks

Pricing: Hot desk: KES 2,000/day / KES 20,000/PM Dedicated desk: KES 25,000/PM

Opening & Closing Times: Mondays to Fridays 8AM-5.30PM

Email[email protected] (Ngong Road) [email protected] (Westlands)

Tel: 254 755 556 955 (Ngong Road) / +254 708 556 955 (Westlands)

Nexus Co-Work

 Nexus Co-Work is a space designed for people and organizations to come together, connect and work together. It offers access to the area for 12 and 24 hours according to the subscription package. Boardroom facilities, and even subsidized gym rate and lunch card are available to its members.


Available facilities: subsidized gym rate, access to common area, kitchen, restaurant, skype room, photocopier/printer/scanner and coffee. Extra facilities: weekly local events, workshops

Location: Riara corporate suites building, Riara Road, (ground floor)

Pricing: Hot desk: KES 2,000/day Dedicated desk: KES 20,000/PM

Opening & Closing Times: Mondays to Fridays 9AM-5PM with 24h member access

Email: [email protected]

Tel: + 254 721 385 270

PAWA 254

PAWA 254 is a 37-seater collaborative coworking space which offers both communal working tables and designated desks. Its focus is towards young artistic and creative bright minds collaborating at one place.  Features Wi-Fi, shared printer, mini kitchen with unlimited hot beverages and relaxed lounging areas.


Available facilities: printer, kitchen and lounging areas

Extra programmes: PAWA Salon, PAWA Festival, Kenya Photography Awards, PAWA Masterclasses, A4T-K, Off-The-Record & #ARealManis

Location: Africa Alliance of YMCAs Building, State House CRE (2nd floor)

Capacity: 37 persons (communal working tables & designated desks) & 120 space rental

Pricing: Hot desk: KES 500/day or KES 15,000/PM

Opening & Closing Times: Mondays to Fridays 8AM-5PM

Email[email protected]

Tel: +254 20 523 106 / +254 721 956 552 (mobile)


Regus is one of the world’s largest provider of convenient, high-quality, fully serviced workspace. It provides co-working spaces office and virtual office services along with well-equipped meeting rooms access. Located at nine places in Kenya, it has a mobile application to access the bookings on the go.


Available facilities: Staffed reception,  virtual office for KES 1,115/PM, interview room, boardroom, training room, conference room, meeting facilities, an option to customization, app, account manager, 24/7 customer service, global community and a Regus magazine

Membership: Access to over 3000 locations worldwide, opportunities for all budgets depending on the type of membership and have access to all the benefits of a Regus Business centre.

Location: ICEA Building, Kenyatta Avenue Vienna Court, State House CRE 14 Riverside Drive, Cavendisch, (4th floor) Purshottam Place, A 104 Laiboni Center, Rose Avenue.

Tower 2, Delta Corner Towers, Chiromo Road, (13th floor) Fortis Office Park Block C, (ground- and 1st floor) Village Market, United Nations Crescent, (2nd floor)

Pricing: Hot desk: from KES 100/day to KES 175/day Shared office: KES 100/day/pp

Opening & Closing Times: varies for each location

Email: contact via website or Facebook

Tel: +254 205 154 400 / 1-855-400-3575

 The Banda Space

 Launched in 2006, The Banda space is a coworking space that is located along Ngong Road in Nairobi, Kenya. It has partnered with Covenant Guest House to provide Co- living services also. With WIFI and coffee services being free, locker and reservations are depending on the subscription packages taken.


Available facilities: backup generator & a variety of social spaces Extra facilities: reception, meeting rooms & local events event space: KES 7,500/4h or KES 11,000/8h

Location: 13 off Ngong Road

Pricing: Hot desk: KES 450/day Dedicated desk: KES 650/day

Opening & Closing Times: Mondays to Saturdays 8AM-5PM with 24/7 access for accommodation

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +254 789 225 311

The Crews

Focused on innovation and creativity, The Crews coworking space offers comfortable places located at the heart of Nairobi. Catering to the young / established, local and international businesses, it also provides coworking desks as well as lounge according to the comfort needs. Access to office supplies and communication services along with meeting rooms and free parking.


Available facilities: Personal lockers, kitchen, on-site café & restaurant, 24hr member, free parking on premise, lounge & chill-out area, backup generator, free access to member events, photocopier/printer/scanner & daily cleaning of offices

Extra facilities: virtual offices and meeting rooms

Location: Argwings Kodhek Road, Saachi Plaza

Pricing: Hot desk: KES 707 per day/ KES 3,333 P/W/ KES 20,200 P/M Dedicated desk: KES 707 per day/ KES,3333 P/W/ KES 20,200 P/M

Private desk (2p): KES 59,188 per month

Private desk (4p): KES 127,266 per month

Private desk (6p): KES 138,881 per month

Email: [email protected]

Opening & closing times: Monday to Fridays 8AM-6PM.

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +254 714 492 277 / +254 711 232 913

The Entrepreneurs Hub

The Entrepreneurs Hub was founded in 2014. It is an all-inclusive knowledge hub for entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and industries. This offers working spaces located in a 5-bedroom bungalow turned office and offer desk, office and meeting space. Also provides the use of garden and library access, free startup workshops, coaching services to its members according to subscriptions.

Available facilities: Power backup, use of library & garden, meeting room for KES 7,500/day or KES 4,500/half day (incl. free coffee & tea and a possibility for a meal) space for 18 or 45 persons.

Extra: Personal coaching, free community activities and free start-up workshops: available when renting a dedicated desk or private office for minimum one month.

Location: The Hub East Africa, Waiyaki Way.

Pricing: Dedicated desk: KES 800/day or 10,000/PM Private office: KES 45,000/PM

Opening & Closing Times: Mondays to Fridays 7AM-7PM and Saturdays 9AM-5PM

Email[email protected]

Tel: +254 790 499 022

The Foundry Africa

The Foundry offers startups, small businesses and freelancers, beautiful open space, a supportive community of innovators, reliable services and flexible membership options. It provides premier office spaces to the coworking community in three locations situated in Nairobi. These offices include universal 24/7 access to custom spaces, office supplies, gaming and coffee machines.

Available facilities: shared common area, fully kitted-out kitchen, coffee machine, cleaning services, mail services, power backup, board games, croquette, badminton, lockers & photocopier/printer/scanner.

Extra facilities: events space, rooftop lounge, garden, call room, full membership gives you access to all Foundrys boardroom and common areas

Location: Nelleon Place, Rhapta Road / Viking House, Waiyaki Way / Woodley, Joseph Kang’ethe Road.

Capacity: maximum 50 people in each space.

Pricing: Private Balconies: KES 35,000 P/M

Private Cubicle: KES 45,000 P/M

Private Office: KES 50,000 – KES 160,000 P/M depending on some workstations required and also the size of the room.

Opening & Closing Times: Mondays to Fridays 8AM-7PM with 24/7 access

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +254 792 651 071 / +254 792 651 072 / +254 715 368 842

The Hive

The Hive is conveniently located at Westcom Point Building, Off Waiyaki Way, providing serviced office spaces, meeting rooms, boardrooms and open workspaces. It is aimed at reducing overhead costs and add value to the businesses. Services like storage, boardroom access and reserved working spaces depend on the subscription plans which are ranging from hourly, daily, weekly and monthly packages.

Available facilities: Parking, personalized administrative support, photocopier/printer/scanner & tea and coffee. Extra facilities: Virtual offices & meeting rooms (KES 500/h) Extra: Special pricing offers

Location: Westcom Point, Mahiga Mairu Ave, (3rd floor)

Pricing: Dedicated desk: KES 1,650/h or KES 9,000/PW incl. Boardroom access KES 15,000/PM incl.

Opening & Closing Times: Mondays to Fridays 8AM-5PM

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +254 707 244 920 / +254 735 252 011

The Kijiji

The Kijiji, located at Ngong Lane, Nairobi is dedicated event space that can host up to 70 people theatre style or 30 people with tables. Also, members can book the space for daily services. It boasts of providing this dedicated space along with access to rooftop with beautiful views over the green neighborhood of Woodley. Membership includes facilities including skype and phone booths, board or meeting rooms along with unlimited hot beverages.


Available facilities: phone/skype booths, meeting rooms, unlimited hot drinks and water

Extra facilities: Events geared at supporting social entrepreneurs and consulting

Membership: Meeting room, PO box, locker, part-time and full-time membership options available, 24/7 access and a discount of event space rental

Location: 2.1 Daykio Plaza, Ngong Lane, (2nd floor)

Pricing: Event space rental: Full day: (8AM-4PM) KES 25,000/PM

Part-time hot desk: From KES 3500/PM

Full-time hot desk: KES 15,000/PM Dedicated desk: KES 20,000/PM

Opening & Closing Times: Mondays to Fridays 9AM-5PM with 24/7 access for members

Email[email protected]

Tel: +254 721 459 889

The Lyceum limited

The Lyceum packages are ranging from hourly, weekly and monthly periods. It provides executive and exclusive working environment for entrepreneurs and working professionals. It offers customized serviced offices and events lounge from 8 in the morning till midnight. It has break out area which enables clients to have a good view of the city and its’ outskirts for formal and informal meetings.

Available facilities: Locker, personalized telephone services, open breakout and events area, in-house service manager, photocopier/printer/scanner, secure parking and a kitchen

Extra facilities: Boardroom with video conferencing facilities

Location: The Mirage, Westlands Tower 3, (11th floor)

Pricing: Hotdesk, Dedicated desk, Private desk, or Executive desk: on inquiry

Opening & Closing Times: Mondays to Sundays 8AM-12PM

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +254 705 763 610 / +254 780 337 091

The Mint Hub

The Mint Hub coworking office space in Nairobi Westlands provides fully equipped working spaces with free unlimited coffee for its members. Also, focuses on providing high-quality working experience along with free events and meeting room hours according to the subscription plans. Its services include access to office supplies, storage services and conference rooms access.

Available facilities: Printers, scanners, community events, meeting rooms (hours of access depend on booked office), collaborative spaces (booked), conference facilities, mushroom network & network opportunities Extra facilities: Virtual office for KES 7,000/PM, Club membership for KES 10,000/PM and private offices from KES 80,000-200,000/PM

Location: Karuna Road, Westlands Heights, (11th Floor),

Pricing: Day Pass: KES 1,500 Hot desk: KES 15,000/PM Dedicated desk: KES 20,000/PM

Opening & Closing Times: 24/7 access

Email: [email protected]

Tel: + 254 796 752 502

The Twig Cowork

A Co-working space at West End Towers, Waiyaki Way, the Twig co-work space offers start-ups, entrepreneurs and business owners a colorful central place that’s accessible 24 hours a day. With the super-fast internet and skype room, all communication needs are met. For all client meetings, they provide well-designed meeting rooms on request. Access to mail, photocopy, printer/scanner services.


Available facilities: Personal lockers, skype room, kitchen, on-site café & restaurant, 24hr member access, wheelchair accessibility, photocopier/printer/scanner and a pool- and football table

Extra facilities: meeting room including drinks such as tea, water, and coffee

Location: West End Towers, Waiyaki Way, (6th floor)

Pricing: Hot desk: KES 2,000 per day/KES 10,000 P/W/KES 20,000 P/M Dedicated desk: KES 25,000 per month

Opening & Closing Times: Mondays to Fridays 8AM-5PM and Saturday 8AM-1PM

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +254 204 214 100 / +254 724 417 250

Transcon Office Suites

Transcon Office Suites offers business spaces with the resourced working environment along with in-house administrative services that are on a flexible month to month basis. It has 10 PAX seating boardroom access and meeting rooms. Printing and Daily housekeeping services for workspace is available according to subscriptions taken.


Available facilities: meeting- and conference rooms, in-house business services, a boardroom for KES 3,000/h, KES 7,000/PM for virtual package including meeting rooms, postal address & collection, virtual receptionist, physical address for your business, call forwarding

Location: Utalii Street, View Park Towers, (8th floor)

Pricing: KES 15,000/PM including desk space, shared receptionist, postal address & collection, meeting rooms, call forwarding and company lobby signage.

Opening & Closing Times: Mondays to Fridays 8AM-8PM and Saturdays 8AM-1PM

Email: contact via website

Tel: +254 205 230 996 / +254 700 151 693 / +254 739 421 312

Workstyle Africa

Workstyle Africa is coworking space in Westlands that offers an executive, professional and conducive working environment at competitive rates. It includes a common lounge for social or informal meetings, separate from its two boardrooms for executive meetings, a co-working space for freelancers and seminar rooms for events and workshops. The hub also has a rooftop section for night-time events.


Available facilities: Networking events & events space, conference rooms, 24hr access, mail service, HD-projectors, equipped kitchen, receptionist services, security, on-site parking, on-site restaurant and free tea, coffee, and water

Extra facilities: Boardroom for 3,500/h / Meeting room for 2,000/h Virtual office for KES 3,000/PM or Virtual Office plus KES 7,000/PM

Location: 48 Westlands Road, Pramukh Tower, (9th floor)

Pricing: Hot desk: KES 2,500 per day / KES 15,000/PM Dedicated desk: KES 25,000.00 per month

Private desk (2p): KES 70,000/PM

Private desk (4p): KES 140,000/PM Private desk (6p): KES 210,000/PM

Opening & Closing Times: Mondays to Saturday 8AM-5PM

Email[email protected]

Tel: +254 798 936 651 / +254 782 936 651


 A special mention to our team members Lorenz Lambrechts and Chetan Khemani for the research, compilation and verification the information.

Please drop in an email to [email protected] in case you are a co-working and have been missed out in this list or any information given above needs to be updated.

The information in this article is directly sourced from the co-working space or their website. 

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