Heritage Christian College Dish Over USD 27 K Awards To Students In Startup Challenge

By  |  August 31, 2018

The Heritage Christian College (HCC) has awarded eight teams of students with more than USD 27 K to get their own businesses started and off the ground, after they emerged winners of the platform’s startup challenge.

The President of HCC, Samuel Twumasi-Ankrah, while presenting the check awards to the winners at a media conference, said that HCC organizes annual business competitions for members in the University Community – a move which he described as one towards the facilitation of national development.

The awardees of the challenge and their prizes are as follows:
RoseMush Farm Ghana Limited (Mushroom Farming) – USD 4147.53 K
A-DAN Snail and Mushroom Farm – USD 3110.65K
ADPEX TRACK Agency Ghana (Commercial Vehicle Tracking Service) – USD 2695.89 K
Daycare Center (Child Care Services) – USD 2488.52 K
PESEZ Farms (Poultry Farming) – USD 2073.76K
PROMPTO PACS (Catering Services) – USD 2073.76 K
Kings and Queens Unisex Salon (Grooming Services) – USD 2073.76 K
Geo-Thess Interior Decoration – USD 2073.76 K

Samuel Twumasi-Ankrah said that the competition aimed to provide support for those with what were scrutinized to be the best business proposals to; to turn those ideas into successful businesses. According to him, HCC seeks top challenge student entrepreneurship to dream, experiment, iterate and persist.

He also that HCC believes that a better Ghanaian economy that would advance and provide better living conditions, as well as better opportunities for all citizens, would catapult it into expansion. “The growth and expansion of the economy means more sustainable employment opportunities, creating more income that would ultimately culminate in a reduction in the poverty level of the country,” he said.
Of the many core philosophies of HCC, one of them is the development and nurturing of all members of the college community to be in positions that would enable them to bring about sustainable employment opportunities in Ghana and beyond.

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The Executive Director of CEPE, Williams Atuilik, explained that the competition involved student-created, student-managed and student-owned businesses. He said the competition was available to startups with a team of at least two students, but not more than four, with each team having an advisor or mentor who must be a faculty member or a staff of the HCC. The mentors serve as guides during the development of the business plans and pitch presentations.

CEPE is a non-profit center that seeks to support students, faculty members, other HCC employees and the entire HCC community with the relevant entrepreneurial skills and financial support that would enable them to undertake viable entrepreneurial ventures. CEPE is an independent center of the HCC, with the objective to develop and nurture ethical entrepreneurs with the spirit of philanthropy.
The HCC Startup Challenge is an initiative of the Center for Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy, and Ethics (CEPE).

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