Uganda: Netherland’s Project Boosts Farmers’ Produce By 70 Percent

By  |  February 21, 2019

More than 250 K Ugandan farmers recorded an increase in output from their produce. This is as result of timely access to weather information, insurance cover and input loans.

This is according to a report by Market-led, User-owned ICT4Ag-enabled Information Service (MUIIS), a pilot project that was launched in 2015 in Uganda.

The innovative service harnesses the power of satellite data to support extension and advisory services to farmers in Uganda.

The innovation is based on the need for timely, accurate and actionable information with regards to crop management and climate risks and the production and post harvest demands of selected value chains in the country. It is also based on proof of concept that satellite data-enabled extension and advisory services can increase farmers’ productivity by 40 percent.

They recently released a report and a part of it read, “Farmers who subscribed to a bundle realised a sizeable increase in maize productivity of upto 67 per cent and an average increase from USD 520 per hectare for non-beneficiaries to USD 800 for beneficiaries,” The project ventured into looking for ways which agriculture could be advanced by giving the much-needed information in good time in a bid to boost productivity.

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Mr. Christopher Kibazanga, Agriculture Minister in Uganda spoke during the program conclusion and he mentioned that the project has contributed significantly to the growth of agriculture considering it creates a database for farmers.

He further noted that the weather alerts,financial services sensitization, agronomic tips provided by the project is capable of lowering the cost the government spends on extensition services by at least 70 percent.

MUIIS project was funded by The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Information from the MUIIS website reveals that the project’s cost was USD 5.10 Mn.

Featured Image Courtesy: The African Exponent

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