Africa Day: Scrolling Twitter To Celebrate The Continent’s Happiest Day

By  |  May 25, 2019

Between 1959 and 1963, Africa Day was openly celebrated by Africans on and away from the continent, but on May 25 1963, leaders from 32 African countries converged on Addis Ababa and formed the Organisation of African Unity. It was then and there that it was agreed to move Africa Day from April 15 to May 25.

Before then, only eight African countries had attained independence from colonialism, which meant only a few could attend the said conference. Those that did were Ghana, Morocco, Ethiopia, Sudan, Tunisia, Liberia and Libya. Cameroon and Algeria, although not free at the time, sent representatives to the conference.

According to SA, this was when Africans became outspoken about wanting liberation and the acknowledgement of their human rights. This was the maiden conference in which Africa’s leadership convened to plot a away forward, free of dominance by the Europeans. It is also when the celebration of Africa Day, formerly known as Africa Liberation Day (ALD), was contrived.

Today, there are no much words. From the tech industry to NGOs, high-profile Africans and individuals, let these tweets inform you about what’s happening on African Day.

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