Twitter CEO To Visit Africa Next Month- His Mission Could Benefit Local Entrepreneurs

By  |  October 7, 2019

American computer programmer, Internet entrepreneur, and Twitter CEO Jack Patrick Dorsey will be spending his November in Africa.

Dorsey through his Twitter account announced his visit where he revealed he would be visiting various countries including South Africa, Ghana, Ethiopia, and Nigeria.

In his Tweet, he indicated that during his stay in the continent, he will spend most of his time with entrepreneurs including Ethiopia’s Betelhem Dessie, an Ethiopian web and mobile technologies developer and founder and CEO of iCog- Anyone Can Code and Kudu Ventures founder among others.

Other than being the co-founder of the giant social media platform, Dorsey also co-founded a fin-tech firm, Square, alongside Jim McKelvey. The technology startup is a merchant services aggregator and mobile payment company that aims to simplify commerce through technology.

Square has not yet been launched in Africa and it is speculated that his visit is related to launching the fin-tech platform to small businesses in the continent.

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Dorsey was in Australia in September where he launched a new payment system which he said will “revolutionise small business and speed up the payment process for customers.”

It is no doubt that fin-techs have the potential of changing the financial services landscape and like for the case of Sub-Sahara Africa, fin-techs have played a crucial role in promoting financial inclusion.

The continent’s fin-tech sector continues to thrive proven by the growing number of mobile financial services and payment technologies.

It has been estimated that the sector grows at an annual rate of approximately 24 percent, with Sub-Sahara Africa being one of the fastest-growing fin-tech regions in the world.

The sector has continued to attract global investors like the likes of Dorsey. Without a doubt, the world is paying more attention to the continent’s flourishing fin-tech sector, exhibited by increased investments in the sector.

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