One of the largest Consumer Companies In Japan Is Looking For African Startups. Are You The One?

By  |  November 2, 2019

African Tech and startup ecosystem is getting eyeballs from around the world. Although the collaboration opportunities between Japan and Africa are still unexplored, it has a high potential of scale. 

It is not every day that a mammoth company like Daikin looks forward to collaborating with young and innovative entrepreneurs of Africa and give them a chance to access not just capital, but the huge brand & network of Daikin.

Samurai Incubate Africa & Daikin have partnered together for the first-ever Africa Ideathon. The Ideathon will target startups from African countries and will offer 10 shortlisted finalists to participate in the pitching event slated on December 11th, 2019 in Nairobi, Kenya. Not just this, no matter where are you from, Travel and accommodation expenses for the ten finalists will be covered, including air tickets, accommodation and visa for up to two members per team.

BTW, did we mention that the winning startup pitch will also stand a chance to receive an investment from Samurai Incubate Africa? The 10 finalists will also get an opportunity to partner with Daikin on projects that can be fully covered by Daikin. 

So, If you are interested in becoming a part of this groundbreaking opportunity, wait no more, apply now:

Startups fulfilling below criteria can apply:

  1. Be based in or planning to expand into one or more countries on the African continent where there is a demand for air conditioners 
  2. Be a for-profit company registered as an independent legal entity
  3. Have a product or service available on the market and generate revenue in the following business domains: fintech (mobile money/banking/payment/lending solutions), e-commerce, property tech/real estate, clean energy and airtech.
  4. Have a product or service designed for scale
  5. Have a very strong management team of at least 2 people
  6. Be seeking an opportunity to be a potential African partner for scaling their business as well as Daikin’s business penetration in Africa by collaboration and partnership.

Remember, Application for the Ideathon will close on November 20th. Don’t wait for the deadline, Apply Today!

About Daikin and Samurai Incubate

Daikin is a leading, Osaka- based multinational manufacturer of air conditioning (AC) units. Founded in 1924, the company offers a wide range of products such as both residential and marine air conditioning systems, refrigeration systems and chemicals. Its products and services offered in over 150 countries globally with over 100 production bases help Daikin to record annual sales of over USD 200 Bn. 

Daikin seeks to work with African startups to penetrate and actively sell its products in the African market. 

Samurai Incubate Africa Inc. was founded in May 2018 as a subsidiary of Samurai Incubate Inc., Japanese venture capital firm investing into seed-stage startups in 2008. Samurai Incubate Africa has invested in 16 African startups as of October 2019 in South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Nigeria.

For more information on the event and to apply to the Ideathon please click here

For any query on the event get in touch through [email protected]

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