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SAFCOIN Goes Pan-African, Launches Cryptocurrency For The Continent

Cryptocurrency has the power to drastically reduce financial bottlenecks and will help individuals in Africa to participate in economies outside

Luxury Cars: The One Product Category You Wouldn’t Expect to Lose Value (And It Still Does)

What could express one’s social (and financial) situation better than a luxury car? Well, an entire collection of luxury cars,

The Future of African e-commerce: The Challenges of Scaling On the Continent

‘At present, e-business in Africa remains a challenge. It may be better than it ever has been, but the truth is that

South African Cryptocurrency Player SAFCOIN Announces Ambitious Growth Plans

SAFCOIN, an exclusive African cryptocurrency, has outlined its growth roadmap, which includes opening a third support centre, expanding into Africa,

SAFCOIN Introduces Plug-And-Play Cryptocurrency Mining Opportunities In South Africa

Limited opportunity for start-up miners to join the cryptocurrency mining revolution Massive, power-intensive cryptocurrency mining farms have forced many small

South Africa’s Very Own Cryptocurrency SAFCOIN, Unveils Its Second Call Centre

SAFCOIN, an exclusive South African cryptocurrency, has opened its second contact centre, on Oxford Street, East London. The walk-in centre

Africa-Focused Cryptocurrency SAFCOIN Launches Today

SAFCOIN; an exclusively Africa-focused cryptocurrency, officially launches today.  Not quite long ago, local crypto enthusiasts were able to participate in

To Assist Investors, SAFCOIN Launches Its First Call Centre In South Africa

SAFCOIN believes in the power cryptocurrency as the alternative asset class. However, it also acknowledges the concerns of investors for

“Don’t Put All Eggs In One Basket”- SAFCOIN CEO

After launching an exclusive ICO for South Africa, CEO and Founder, Neil Ferreira talks about the benefits of investments in

Identifying Bitcoin Scams And Fake ICOs

There is hardly an innovation that sprouts around the world that doesn’t receive some sort of criticism. The invention of