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Africa’s First Blockchain-powered Freelance Jobs Marketplace Launched

SAFCOIN, an exclusive African cryptocurrency, has launched Africa’s first blockchain-powered micro-jobs platform, aimed

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Much has been said about online lending platforms and their effect on consumers.

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What Africa’s Free Trade Agreement Means for Businesses

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) came into effect last May 30,

Cash Flow Management For Entrepreneurs

CAs a budding entrepreneur, cash flow management is an essential skill. Besides obtaining

SAFCOIN Goes Pan-African, Launches Cryptocurrency For The Continent

Cryptocurrency has the power to drastically reduce financial bottlenecks and will help individuals

Luxury Cars: The One Product Category You Wouldn’t Expect to Lose Value (And It Still Does)

What could express one’s social (and financial) situation better than a luxury car?

The Future of African e-commerce: The Challenges of Scaling On the Continent

‘At present, e-business in Africa remains a challenge. It may be better than it ever

South African Cryptocurrency Player SAFCOIN Announces Ambitious Growth Plans

SAFCOIN, an exclusive African cryptocurrency, has outlined its growth roadmap, which includes opening

SAFCOIN Introduces Plug-And-Play Cryptocurrency Mining Opportunities In South Africa

Limited opportunity for start-up miners to join the cryptocurrency mining revolution Massive, power-intensive

South Africa’s Very Own Cryptocurrency SAFCOIN, Unveils Its Second Call Centre

SAFCOIN, an exclusive South African cryptocurrency, has opened its second contact centre, on

Africa-Focused Cryptocurrency SAFCOIN Launches Today

SAFCOIN; an exclusively Africa-focused cryptocurrency, officially launches today.  Not quite long ago, local