Launching WT Premium Elite – All about African Ventures

By  |  November 30, 2021

A little over a year ago, we launched WeeTracker Premium with an exclusive deep-dive into how the seemingly intractable problems stifling the African e-commerce market has caused even an agreeably dauntless giant like Amazon to keep off. Fourteen months on and seven more unicorns after, we now have hundreds of well-thought-out, diverse and insight-rich content sitting in our archives.

Over the last few years, we have kept a close watch on the African tech startup ecosystem, venture capital market, and the digital economy to capture what is undoubtedly a historic emergence of the world’s last frontier market. With inclusive journalism as our watchword, WeeTracker has curated countless ready-guides, reports, stories, Q&As, videos, and audio articles. 

African Investments in Africa - 2018
Source: WeeTracker Database

It’s an interesting time to be part of Africa’s innovation ecosystem, and we are more pumped than ever to talk about what matters; the supposedly ‘sleeping giant’ finally awakening. Our platform, remaining dedicated to telling the exciting African growth story, is taking a vital step in its evolution. 

Source: WeeTracker Database

To that end, we are rolling out WeeTracker Premium Elite, your one-stop shop for everything data, roundups, newsletters, insightful video conversations, in-depth research, exclusive interviews and thought pieces on the forces reshaping the African tech scene. Track hundreds of tech firms, spot critical trends, hear from experts and industry insiders, stay on top of stats, attend virtual events, and read the stories that truly matter. 

This new offering plugs you onto an encompassing platform that asks the important questions, cuts through the noise and offers well-informed analyses/opinions around startupping, tech entrepreneurship, VC-ing, PE, angel investing, and ‘electronically-generated wealth’ in Africa. Plus, we have tons of research-driven infographics and eye-catching illustrations that help you ease into the meat of matters. 

WeeTracker Premium Elite gives you access to: 

  • An integrated database of over 2,500 public and private tech and non-tech companies.
  • Actionable and well-coordinated data about M&A deals from as far as 2010.
  • An advanced search and download option for seamless content consumption. 
  • 4,000+ articles (including over 80 Premium reads) and 15+ research reports.
  • WeeTracker conferences, networking events and occasional content. 
  • Podcasts, video interviews, and bi-weekly newsletters from our team. 
  • Exhaustive discussions on a wide range of topics, countries and markets. 

In the future, the offer will add more advanced filters, downloadable content formats and more intuitive visuals, everything packaged thoughtfully for the delight of our esteemed readers; this is but the beginning.

WeeTracker Premium Elite directly puts you in front of the emerging African business ecosystem and spotlights the events propping up the region’s local value structure. The platform is tailored to help unlock another level of understanding for a continent so young, yet so promising.

Don’t just shove this scintillating offer in another to-do list; become an Elite member right away! 

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