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Pandemic Tailwinds Push Morocco’s Startup Scenery Towards Liftoff

By  |  May 31, 2022

The leading hubs in the African tech club are not unknown. Often monikered as The Big Four, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, and Kenya effortlessly retain their collective title as heads of the fledgling household. But, with the world’s densest concentration of countries, Africa has no shortage of economies positively working on the tech project. 

Outside the current leadership, the region is home to various tech ecosystems with different forms of emergence and at different stages of metamorphosis. For instance, while Sub-Saharan Africa’s technological revolution began as a response to the government’s reluctance to usher in digital-forward policies, North Africa’s rise to the same occasion was purely a fruit of an interregional social-political discord. 

In the Sub-Sahara, countries like Nigeria and South Africa brim with the most potential. Up north, Egypt and Tunisia take the lead. As the former sub-region’s scope would widen to consider Kenya, the latter’s would equally enlarge to accommodate the context of none other than Morocco.

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