UNECA Report Projects Africa’s E-commerce 50% Growth by 2025

By  |  March 23, 2023

The Acting Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Mr. Antonio Pedro, announced at the 9th Session of the Africa Regional Forum on Sustainable Development in Niamey, Niger, that “by 2025, e-commerce in Africa is expected to increase by 50%.”

He emphasized that this growth would depend on investments made in capacity building, saying, “making an investment in capacity building will be essential to fulfilling this pledge.

He also highlighted the need to address the digital divide along gender lines and maximize job creation potential. He stated, “by adopting appropriate standards and emphasizing the value of sustainable value chains, we can maximize the job creation potential on our continent.

Furthermore, he urged for effective national and regional policies, significant infrastructure investment, and the use of digital technologies to expedite Africa’s development.

He discussed the upcoming meeting on sustainable development in 2023, where the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2063 will be implemented with renewed vigor. He stated that the African Continental Free Trade Area agreement provides the basis for ensuring that the change is led by Africans.

He urged the need to recognize obstacles and accelerate progress, stating that “we must accelerate, and to do so, we need to recognize the obstacles to be overcome.”

In conclusion, the UNECA report highlights the vast potential of e-commerce in Africa and the need for investment in capacity building to realize this potential. In addition, the report emphasizes the importance of addressing gender disparities and ensuring inclusive growth to maximize job creation potential.

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Featured Image Edited by: Peter Kavinya on Canva.com

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