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South African Company Maltento Secures USD 3.3 M Funding
South African Company Maltento Secures USD 3.3 M Funding

Maltento, a company dedicated to unlocking the functional compounds of insect-based feed solutions, has recently concluded a capital raise of USD 3.3 M with Sand River Venture Capital. The investment marks a significant milestone as it continues its mission to develop sustainable and innovative solutions in the animal feed market.

Maltento is a biotechnology company specializing in regenerative nutrition. It focuses on the development of a novel biotechnological process to convert by-products from the brewing industry into sustainable natural nutritional ingredients derived from insects. By developing insect-based compounds that are free from antibiotics and growth hormones, Maltento’s feed supplements have the potential to address crucial issues such as allergies, inflammation, and gut health.

With the new funding from Sand River, Maltento will be able to further its distinct approach to insect biotechnology and continue creating Palate+, a cutting-edge method to enhance food flavour. The firm also hopes to introduce Palate+ in additional nations like the United States and the European Union.