Moringa School Launches AI Courses For Students & Professionals In Kenya
Moringa School Launches AI Courses For Students & Professionals In Kenya

Moringa School, an edtech platform based in Kenya, has introduced a comprehensive array of training courses in Artificial Intelligence. This new addition expands upon its already diverse range of offerings, which includes Full Stack Software Engineering, Data Science, UI/UX Product Design, Cybersecurity, DevOps, and more. Now, students and professionals alike can take advantage of Moringa School’s cutting-edge resources to delve into the exciting world of AI.

The recently unveiled courses stem from Moringa School’s strategic collaboration with Flatiron School, a renowned US Bootcamp provider that caters to Global Fortune 500 companies with top-notch training. Moringa’s AI offerings encompass a diverse range of programs, ranging from an in-depth Masterclass titled “Introduction to Prompt Engineering” to a condensed 1.5-day training session focusing on “AI Strategy for Business Leaders” and culminating in a comprehensive 1-week short course dedicated to “Building and Deploying AI Applications.”

The launch which was done with some of the key Corporate Decision Makers in the Region while launching its Tech Advisory Board. The newly formed Tech Advisory Board will be chaired by Snehar Shah, other members include Akshay Grover, Group CEO (Cellulant), Ben Roberts, Group Chief Technology and Innovation Officer (Liquid Intelligent Technologies), Mike King, CTO (Copia) and Dr Bright Mawudor, Cyber Security lead at MARA to be distinguished members.

The enrollment process for the newly introduced AI courses will kick off in August 2023. Meanwhile, Moringa School will continue its rolling enrollment for other flagship products, with quarterly cohorts allowing students to join throughout the year. Graduating students from these programs will have access to valuable internship and job placement opportunities, both locally and internationally. This approach aims to empower learners with essential skills and create pathways for them to thrive in the dynamic tech landscape, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between the students and the global job market.