This Brewery Is Entering Nigeria With A USD 400 Mn Investment

Belgium-headquartered brewer Anheuser-Busch (AB InBev) expects the total investment in its new brewery at Sagamu in Nigeria to be up

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The adoption of a single currency in the East African community may take longer than anticipated as the regional bloc

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Recently many companies in the United States have updated the privileges they grant their employees in a bid to retain

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The Kenyan government has unveiled a blueprint whose vision is “A digitally empowered citizenry, living in a digitally enabled society”,

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Africa-Focused Private Equity Firm Helios Receives USD 50 Mn From IFC For Brand New Fund

International Finance Corporation (IFC) announced that it will pump USD 50 Mn in Helios Investors’ new fund. Helios is a

Gold Mines In Yaouré Shine With USD 265 Mn Project

Perseus Mining Limited, a West-Africa focused gold miner and developer, made known on Monday on 6th May 2019 that the