Zimbabwe To Introduce ‘New’ Currency In Two Weeks

In a bid to ease shortages of the bond note, the Central bank

Zimbabwe Loses A Staggering USD 1 Bn To Corruption Every Year

“Zimbabwe loses more than USD 1 Bn to corruption every year, that’s huge

Living Hand To Mouth? Almost 80 Percent Of Zimbabweans Have No Savings

Experts advise everyone to have an emergency fund, and which they say is

Zimbabwe Electricity Prices To Increase Four-Fold As Economic Woes Deepen

It is no doubt that Zimbabweans are living one of their toughest times.

Zimbabwean Government Responds After US Diamond Import Ban Over Forced Labour Claims

The United States through the US Embassy in Zimbabwe issued an embargo on

Zimbabwe’s Mobile Money Ban Locks Out 10 Million Users, Stunting Financial inclusion

Zimbabwe’s central bank on Monday banned mobile money agencies from facilitating cash withdrawals

Zimbabwean Businesses Using Foreign Currencies To Face Penalties In New Government Directive

The Central bank of Zimbabwe has been directed to impose penalties on businesses

Power Cuts Cost Zimbabwe A Staggering USD 200 Mn Per Week

Pressure has been mounted on the government of Zimbabwe to declare the current