Zimbabwe To Introduce ‘New’ Currency In Two Weeks

In a bid to ease shortages of the bond note, the Central bank

Zimbabwe Loses A Staggering USD 1 Bn To Corruption Every Year

“Zimbabwe loses more than USD 1 Bn to corruption every year, that’s huge

State Workers’ Pay Loses Value By More Than 90 Percent Thanks To Zimbabwe’s Surging Inflation

When you hear the term inflation, more than likely what will ring in

Living Hand To Mouth? Almost 80 Percent Of Zimbabweans Have No Savings

Experts advise everyone to have an emergency fund, and which they say is

Zimbabwe Electricity Prices To Increase Four-Fold As Economic Woes Deepen

It is no doubt that Zimbabweans are living one of their toughest times.

Zimbabwean Teachers Reduced To ‘Mere Beggars’ As Prices Of Basic Goods Continue To Skyrocket

Teachers strike could be on the cards in Zimbabwe if the government fails

Zimbabwe’s Economic Crisis Is Biting Even Harder As Telcos Crank Up Price Of Mobile Services

The costs of living continue to become unbearable for most ordinary people in

There Could Be A Possible Comeback For Zimbabwe’s Private Sector

African Development Bank (AfDB) has announced that it will pump USD 50 Mn