South Africa’s Tshimologong Digital Precinct Awarded USD 1 Mn For Expansion

By  |  July 9, 2018

Tshimologong, the digital innovation precinct, is a high-tech incubator of research and development of high-level digital skills across various individuals with the tech inclination; with the aim to invigorate new businesses with innovative solutions in the digital space. The precinct has joined forces with Agnence Francaise Dr development (AFD) and French Institute of South Africa to further stimulate its mission.

The stimulation of Tshimologong, a native Setswana name meaning ‘new beginning’, comes in the monetary injection of 14, 5 million South African rands from AFD to broaden the activities carried out in the renowned digital hub, which will be managed by the hub itself in partnership with AFD.

“We need this kind of partnership for much-needed skills development in the country. The partnership will further create market access between French companies and South African startups, driving investment opportunities for digital content businesses. It is a win-win for all involved and Tshimologong is excited to work with both AFD and IFAS”, says Lesley Williams, Tshimologong Precinct CEO.

Lesley Williams’ remarkable leadership has made quite a steep for the Precint as she was elected as a member of the former United States President, Barack Obama’s Obama African Leaders Programme back in May 2018.

“The cultural and creative industries are capitalising on the tremendous momentum of digital innovation and entrepreneurs in Africa. From fashion to visual arts, from film to music – culture create jobs, stimulate the economy and enable inclusive and sustainable growth while helping to better address issues of education, citizenship, and the environment,” said Martha Stein-Sochas, AFD southern Africa regional director.

IFAS released a statement and explained how the intersection between multimedia and digital technologies will help create new content and business opportunities in the African market, where there are a big gap and potential of sustaining growth and profit.

Officially opened for business in 2016, Tshmologong digital precinct comprised of a medley of startups, developers, entrepreneurs, programmers, and designers all with one goal of addressing unemployment.


Source: Itnewsafrica

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