Endeavor Adds Two More African Entrepreneurs To Its Network

By  |  August 23, 2018

Endeavor has announced the addition of two more African entrepreneurs into its global network. Since launching in both Nigeria and Kenya this year, Endeavor has further bolstered its already-burgeoning roster of entrepreneurs by accepting a number of entrepreneurs from both countries, with an earlier publication by WeeTracker indicating that the group had thrown its doors open to seven Kenyan entrepreneurs back in July.

In keeping up with its mission of fostering long-term economic growth by connecting, mentoring, and accelerating high-impact entrepreneurs in various parts of the globe, one Kenyan entrepreneur, alongside a South African counterpart, have been handpicked and added to the elite class in a similar move.

Kamal Budhabhatti of Kenyan taxi app, Little, as well as Sam Clarke of South African business sales management app, Skynamo, are amongst the latest additions to the group. The organization is committed to providing various forms of assistance to entrepreneurs who have strutted beyond the initial startup threshold and have proved their mettle in terms of scale and expansion potential.

Sam Clarke

Sam Clarke
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Kamal Budhabhatti

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Kamal Budhabhatti
Image via LinkedIn

Endeavor is reported to have recently selected a total of 17 entrepreneurs who hold the reins at 11 different enterprises that are indigenous to seven countries. This development which happened on the occasion of the group’s 81st International Selection Panel (ISP) in the United States is believed to have moved the number of entrepreneurs and companies on the Endeavor support list to 1,715 and 1,070 respectively, These entrepreneurs and enterprises are tipped to be drawn from as many as 30 growth markets worldwide.

The prestigious event which boasted over 100 entrepreneurs from different parts of the globe in attendance featured such notable personalities as Jason Green of Emergence Capital, Donna Dubinsky of Numenta, and Steve Case of Revolution, amongst others, who served as panelists.

Linda Rottenberg, CEO of Endeavor, expressed her delight at the development while describing the coming together of some of the world’s finest entrepreneurial minds and business leaders from different parts of the globe – something Endeavor is looking to make its turf – as “inspiring.” She also hinted at the significance of hosting the event in Detroit; a city which, in her own words, “is itself in an exciting period of growth and innovation.”

Heartiest congratulations to the latest members of the Endeavor network from WeeTracker.

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