South Africa’s Pam Golding Property Group Acquires PropTech Startup,

By  |  August 16, 2018

South African real estate company Pam Golding Property is geared for business expansion after recently buying Cape Town-based The online model comes as a new approach and is likely to build a new market agent system that will add value and influence on the overall property market. The chief executive of Pam Golding Property expressed on Business report that the acquisition will serve as part of the group strategy to adopt online hybrid estate agency model.

Launched in 2017, is a realtech startup that serves customers to buy and sell property homes with ease. Their technology has a specific application that is believed to reduce the costs and fees for consumers. The service allows consumers a setup of viewings, potential buyers, receiving offers and all the sale progress updates on the platform. They can also view and change property; image listing and browse online at any time. The service goes as far as allowing customers to book valuations, change prices, arrange viewings bookings, collect feedback, reviewing market data as well as making agreeable and better sales offers.

Residential property is one of the investments that multiply over a period of time. The rise of the property market encourages investors to continue investing in it, which by far plays a key role in the growth of the economy.

The supposed high advance of assures Pam Golding by believing that it’s investment into the online model broadens its access to the South African and African residential property sector. Accordingly, the plan is to expand it to the full-service offering of the Pam Golding Property group for local, national and global exposure. It is also believed that the model is gaining both local and international traction, and thus the fuse between Golding and to co-exist to in return deliver a favorable service in the market.

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