Here Is How To Cultivate A Growth Mindset

By  |  September 25, 2018

One of the fundamental aspects of running a business is your mental wellbeing. You don’t only have to be physically fit; you have to have the right mindset as well.

With the right mindset, you can positively influence and affect your business in so many ways. A growth mindset is simply having the belief that there is room for growth in different areas of one’s life. When it comes to business, having a growth mindset can make a lot of difference. However, with a fixed mindset, there is hardly any potential for growth in your business.


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If you don’t learn to cultivate a growth mindset, you would see no need for improvement. This would be detrimental for your business especially when you run a business in a highly competitive industry.

How do you cultivate a growth mindset?

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First, you need to understand your strengths and weaknesses. What are those things you are good at and what are the ones you need to improve on? Can you focus on your strengths and outsources your weaknesses? Or can you work on your weaknesses as well as improve your strengths? Take inventory of your strengths and weakness.

In addition, you need to find ways to learn more. Learn more about your business, your competitors, your product offerings, your business location, market trends, statistics, new technologies, etc. Also, have the mindset that there is something to learn more about a particular thing.

Also, you need to cultivate the habit of enjoying the process of learning.  When you enjoy the process of learning, learning becomes natural to you. You also begin to seek new ways to learn actively.

While you learn, don’t forget to reflect. Always find time to reflect on your growth and know those areas you have gotten better at and the areas you need more work on. For instance, if after a test run or a pilot test,  your product wasn’t up to the expectation of your target audience; with a growth mindset, you can work better on your product and come up with a better solution. Likewise, after that has been done, you can always reflect to see how far you have come and improved as well as areas you still need to improve on.

In addition, don’t just set goals; set realistic goals. When you set goals, you attain for more and in the process, you develop yourself. Set a new target for every goal you accomplish. Don’t forget to have grit every step of the way in attaining those goals.

Lastly, learn from other people’s mistakes. You can grow by utilizing the lessons from other people’s mistakes to be better. Ask lots of business questions and make sure you research answers before accepting them hook, line, and sinker. You can also learn from other startup founders around you.

Do you have a growth mindset? How has it helped you in business? Let’s hear from you below.


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