Senegal’s Mobile Transfer Company Wari Enters Strategic Partnership With WhatsApp And Mara Phones

By  |  May 31, 2019

Dakar-based mobile money transfer company, Wari, has reportedly struck partnership deals with several companies, prominent of which is global instant messaging app, Whatsapp. In a wholesome development that also involves Rwanda’s Mara Phone firm, the Senegalese infotech firm looks to expand its reach to all 54 African countries.

In an earlier development, it was reported that the users of the Wari app in the French-speaking company will be able to access Wari’s services via Whatsapp, and could use the global messaging platform to charge their accounts.

In a statement, the firm said that the integration of Wari’s financial services would allow millions of consumers in Senegal – and consequently beyond – to easily and efficiently initiate financial transactions, irrespective of their location.

“We have been working for several months to globalize our platform through strategic acquisitions and partnerships on all continents. We are always aiming to create a standard to interconnect people in all countries and to make financial inclusion a reality, thus building tomorrow’s world,” said Kabirou Mbodje, Wari President and CEO.

Wari, which means money in the Bambara language used in West Africa, offers an extensive range of financial and commercial services to facilitate daily transactions easily and securely.

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The payments solution allows its clients to pay bills and buy mobile credit on the go. The form recently included payment cards offerings to its services.

Founded in 2008, Wari has no less than 50,000 points of services in 60 countries. Available in French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, with plans to include Russian and Arabic, the platform offers one of the most significant network coverages.

The fintech basks in its current prominence as a result of more than 150 partnerships it has established with different companies around the world.

Wari combines the largest melange of partners in Africa. Considering the quest for a more digitized continent and that the service is mobile-based, it is clear why the Senegalese company is entering a deal with Mara phone producer and Whatsapp – it wants to have a wider reach and gain world domination. This is Senegal’s best-known money transfer service, as it is a cheap alternative to Western Union.

The strategic partnership with the Rwandan smartphone manufacturer is to enable the delivery of financial and commercial services to Wari client more effective;y via the Mara Phone.

The two African companies have their sights set on collaborating and developing together in the 54 countries of the continent. They are both also looking to preload Wari’s offerings, bundling their services with the Mara Phone and reaching all Wari clients throughout its locations and distribution channels.

Ashish J. Thakkar, CEO Mara Phones, said “we are extremely excited about this collaboration and we expect to see Wari increase its presence and penetration with the bundling of the Mara Phone.

This announcement is in line with our vision as Mara Phones to partner with service providers like Wari to reach and impact their clients more effectively and efficiently with our state of the art Made in Africa Mara Phones.”

Kabirou Mbodje, Wari’s CEO, believes that “this partnership represents a good opportunity for Wari to diversify its offer and facilitate the utilization of the MyWari app.

The Mara Phones are the first 100% African built phones, and we should be proud of this achievement. As two African champions, we must support each other and multiply African partnerships to create value and increase economic growth.”

The money transfer firm agreed to acquire the local mobile arm of Luxembourg-based Millicom International Cellular recently. The development did more mean Wari was ready to take on Orange’s hold on mobile phones in Francophone West Africa.

The company also plans to list on the West Africa Stock Exchange in Ivory Coast soon, after the completion of its USD 129 Mn to buy mobile operator Tigo from Millicom.

The new offering on WhatsApp is allowing Wari to position itself as a pioneer in the digital world while pursuing its global development. “This new partnership with WhatsApp further confirms our strategic goal of ensuring our key services are accessible to the masses through a digital evolution,” concludes Mbodje.

Wari’s objective, for Africa and abroad is to promote financial and social inclusion for all, inside an open, integrated and aggregating Wari ecosystem through affordable, simple and convenient service designed from demands and needs, with strategic partnerships, a strong last mile network and a highly secure and compliant platform.

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