Has Bolt Nigeria (Taxify) Been Hacked? Bolt Says No But Users Are Panicking After Strange Multiple Debits

By  |  September 25, 2019

The popular cab-hailing app, Bolt (formerly Taxify), may be facing a major hiccup with its services in Nigeria at the moment.

Word around social media is that Bolt users are being debited multiple times for rides they took and paid for as far back as a week ago.

As it is, the most widely-told developing version of the story is that the Bolt app has been hacked and users are advised to delink their bank cards from the app.

Many Bolt users in Nigeria have expressed concern over the ongoing issue, with several people complaining of several debit alerts from their bank accounts for rides that they already took and paid for.

The company has, in fact, confirmed the problem but has shunned any talk of the app suffering some kind of hack attack. In a series of tweets, Bolt Nigeria said it was aware of the recent complaints and was working with its payment processors to fix the problem.

“We have received reports of riders getting multiple debit alerts,” read a recent tweet from Bolt Nigeria.

“We are working with our payment processors to investigate the causes of these debits. Should you receive these debit alerts, please confirm against your bank statements to be sure actual sums were deducted.”

Bolt Nigeria’s statement also suggested its willingness to assist users who had been affected by the latest problem with its app.

A tweet from the taxi-hailing company read: “We also encourage everyone to email us at [email protected] with relevant details so we can assist our payment partners to arrive at a speedy resolution. The security of rider information is key to our service delivery.”

Bolt Nigeria ended the statement with: “Be rest assured that Bolt (formerly Taxify) has not been hacked nor has customer payment information been compromised.”

But as would be expected, social media is already agog with all kinds of comments from aggrieved users, knowing enthusiasts, and even onlookers who are unaffected.

While some are already calling out the company for what is perceived as overall poor service, others are pleading for calm. But the panic is already out there and messages are already flying around about Bolt being hacked and how users should go about delinking their banks from the app with immediate effect.

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