New Road Funding to Benefit Over One Million Kenyans

By  |  October 4, 2019

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has loaned Kenya EUR 209 Mn (Kshs 23 Bn) for road construction that will have a positive economic impact to over 1 million Kenyans, by expanding access to services and improve transportation of goods and people.

“The total project cost is EUR 257.68 Mn (Kshs 29 Bn), of which EUR 178.02 Mn (69%) will be financed by the Bank Group, while 12% will come from the Africa Growing Together Fund, set up by the Bank and the People’s Bank of China in 2014. The remaining 19% will be financed by the Kenyan government,” the bank announced.

The 84-kilometre Kenol-Sagana-Marua road spanning from central to eastern Kenya will be transformed into a dual bypass and will be completed by 2025 according to AFDB.

The Road is also part of the Trans-Africa Highway, commonly known as the Cape to Cairo route. It is also part of the 800km stretch between Nairobi and Moyale and runs across the five counties of Muranga, Kirinyaga, Machakos, Embu and Nyeri.

AfDB said, “According to a project report, about 1.15 million people will benefit from the upgraded highway. 44% of the beneficiaries are likely to be women. The beneficiaries include producers, manufacturers and traders, who will save time and money, thanks to improved access on the main corridor to the north.”

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“Building a 21st-century road must also take into account climate change, which often leads to road runoff, flooding and erosion. In order to counter these phenomena, trees will be planted in the surrounding area,” it added.

Kenya applied for the funding of the road construcsiton in July of this year.

Currently, the bank’s portfolio in Kenya consists of 38 operations, totalling around USD 3.3 billion. Kenya’s government is currently working on the construction of currently 1,304 kilometres of new roads.

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