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"Vincent is a seasoned business and technology writer, having worked as an African correspondent for international news outlets. He has experience in bringing forth articles that are relevant and speak to the economic, technological and financial aspects of news-makers in this market. You can reach him at [email protected]

Mortgage Lender, Shelter Afrique, Out of the Red With USD 16.2 Mn Funding From Kenya

Shelter Afrique’s came out of its loss-making streak with funding from the government of Kenya totalling USD 16.2 Mn, monies

World’s Largest Pension Investment Vehicle Eyes Investments in Africa

Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF), the world largest pension investment vehicle has signed a partnership with the African Development

When It Comes to Women Property Rights, Africa is Still in the Dark

The push to enable women to own property is enabling them to experience economic freedoms that were not accorded to

Cleaning Up Well: Five Top Innovative Kenyan Companies That Are Saving the World

When it comes to our environment, it seems we have more problems than solutions. Pollution, solid waste management, energy crisis

[Opinion] For Kenya, Smart Cities will Remain a Pipe Dream

Kenya has been hailed as a “progressive” country spearheading sectors in technology such as mobile money payments. This perception has

#ChartOfTheWeek – Sub Saharan Africa Economic Growth

Welcome to the first inaugural Chart of The Week segment which will highlight the important numbers in charts and graphs

Facebook Extends Its Third Party Fact Checking Programme in Ten More Countries in Africa

The fight against fake news is gaining momentum across the world with Africa joining in to end the vice perpetrated

Africa’s Economic Growth Stunted by Global Trade Tensions – World Bank Says

Africa’s economic growth remained sluggish due to external global influences, coupled with local policies according to the World Bank’s Africa’s

Nairobi Inches Closer to Turning Solid Waste into Energy Through a 10MW Incinerator Plant

The government of Kenya has gazetted the Impact assessment for a 10 megawatts waste-to-energy plant to be built in Kibera

Why Buying a Laptop or a Phone Without a Receipt Could Land You in Jail

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has sent out a caution to the public not to purchase electronic equipment including

How Cryptocurrency Trade is Spurring Entrepreneurship Across Africa in 2019

Adoption of cryptocurrency is encouraging trade and business across the continent according to experts who say, it holds a lot

New Road Funding to Benefit Over One Million Kenyans

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has loaned Kenya EUR 209 Mn (Kshs 23 Bn) for road construction that will have