An Overview of LegalTech in Sub Saharan Africa- 35+ Startups Defining the Space

By  |  April 7, 2020

In a fast-changing world, where innovative startups are flourishing in sectors such as finance, insurance, healthcare, and agriculture, the legal sector is struggling to keep up as less is known about legal tech startups across Africa.

Accessing justice in Africa is still an issue that African countries are struggling with, the main questions being, is it the failure of the judicial systems put into place or is it the lack of knowledge among Africans on legal information?

In the last 5 years, 35+ innovative legal tech startups have come up, bringing about disruption in the legal sector and changing how things were previously done. These legal tech startups have brought about efficiency, affordable legal services and have also sped up the legal process. This might be the tipping point to Africa’s law practice as we’ve known it.

Below is a breakdown of legal tech startups divided into 5 categories. They include;

  1. E-discovery – Startups that have made it possible for individuals to access justice or legal information through the use of text messages.
  2. Online Legal Services – Digital platforms that provide legal services including legal advice, consultation, and Q&A forums.
  3. Lawyers Marketplace – Digital platforms that connect clients with lawyers.
  4. Legal Documentation – Startups that generate legal documents for their users online.
  5. Legal Practice Management – Providers of Data Analytics and Systems used in the legal sector.

Based on our sample of 35 legal startups, as sourced from The Base, close to 40% of the legal startups were founded with the aim of providing Online Legal Services, 5% provide services in Legal Documentation, 26% focus on Legal Practice Management, 10% constitutes Lawyers’ Marketplace platforms, and 15% focus on E-discovery.

Currently, legal tech startups are disrupting the legal sector because of the low prices they offer their users and the use of digital format support systems which speed up the legal process. In the ecosystem, legal stakeholders can work together to enhance efficiency in facilitating access to justice and other forms of legal needs.

Even as technology is growing, issues on cybersecurity are still a concern in times where companies are struggling with data protection and privacy. Custos, which a technology company based in South Africa provides a solution to this by providing measures to avoid data leakages. Players looking to venture into the field will need to prioritize data protection and privacy given the sensitive nature of law practice.

The potential for legal tech in Africa is enabled by its ability to serve the needs of the larger masses better than traditional law practice. While larger African law firms have tended to be conservative in technology adoption, it may be time to rethink this approach as current service delivery standards grow. To attain a client-centric service delivery, technology will play a role in attaining this objective.

Below, we feature 35+ legal tech startups in Sub-Saharan Africa.

NigeriaLaw Padi Online Legal Services
KenyaUwakiliOnline Legal Services
BeninHe LawyerOnline Legal Services
South AfricaCreative Contracts Online Legal Services
NigeriaGavelOnline Legal Services
NigeriaMylawOnline Legal Services
South AfricaLenoma Legal Online Legal Services
CameroonNovatis ConsultingOnline Legal Services
Burkina FasoFaso Legal Online Legal Services
NigeriaLawStrive Online Legal Services
South AfricaLegal Legends Online Legal Services
TunisiaStartup Factory Online Legal Services
TanzaniaSheria KiganjaniOnline Legal Services
KenyaHaki AppOnline Legal Services
UgandamSME Garage Online Legal Services
SenegalSunulexOnline Legal Services
South AfricaJusDraft Legal Practice Management
Sierra LeoneCrimesyncLegal Practice Management
AlgeriaLegal Doctrine Legal Practice Management
South AfricaLibryo Legal Practice Management
South AfricaCustos Legal Practice Management
KenyaSheria Soft Legal Practice Management
South AfricaBaobab Connect Legal Practice Management
KenyaBtrack Global Legal Practice Management
UgandaJusticeBot Legal Practice Management
NigeriaDIY Law Legal Documentation
KenyaLawyer WanguLegal Documentation
MoroccoJurisLawyers Marketplace
ZimbabweLawbasket Lawyers Marketplace
KenyaLoyasoft Lawyers Marketplace
KenyaWakili MkononiLawyers Marketplace
South AfricaCitizen Justice NetworkE-discovery
MalawiUfulu Wanga E-discovery
UgandaNkola App E-discovery
UgandaLawyers 4 Farmers E-discovery
UgandaJustice 2 People E-discovery
KenyaMulika E-discovery
South AfricaUpdraft Legal Practice Management

The data in this research piece comes from THE BASE, Africa’s leading market intelligence platform focused on private companies, VC and PE space. Sign up for FREE today

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