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AlphaCode Selects 10 FinTech Startups Into Its Incubate Programme
AlphaCode Selects 10 FinTech Startups Into Its Incubate Programme

Ten fintech startups including Bento, Mapha, OysterPay, Melon, Varibill, AgriCool, Imfuyo Technologies, MatchKit, Chama Money, and DentX have been selected for the USD 665 K AlphaCode Incubate Programme.

The startups will take part in a 12-week pre-incubation programme valued at USD 33 K and will receive a grant funding of USD 10 K each. The pre-incubation phase is focused on educating participants on how to achieve a viable business model. At the end of this phase, the startups will compete in a six-month step-up programme.

The step-up phase which offers selected startups USD 33 K in grant funding is an intensive incubation programme focused on establishing a product-market fit and financial viability for the participants. According to AlphaCode, the value of the package offered in the programme is worth USD 665 K for each startup.


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