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Impact Amplifier Launch 2nd Phase Of Africa Online Safety Fund
Impact Amplifier Launch 2nd Phase Of Africa Online Safety Fund

South African social impact advisory firm Impact Amplifier has secured a second round of funding from to launch the second phase of the Africa Online Safety Fund, which seeks innovative solutions to online safety challenges. The initial stage of the fund focused on providing financial support to 26 social innovators across nine African nations who presented distinct methods to tackle online safety concerns. Although this phase proved to be successful, it became evident that a broader approach was necessary to effectively address the profound and intricate nature of this issue.

In phase two, Impact Amplifier aims to tackle the issue of online safety at an ecosystem level through various strategies. These include establishing a centralized digital repository of research on African online safety, conducting new research to fill crucial knowledge gaps, curating and generating educational resources for young individuals, teachers, and parents regarding online safety, and providing funding to African organizations and entrepreneurs developing innovative solutions to this challenge.