Ride-hailing Users Are Uneasy About Lagos Govt Collecting Real-Time Trip Data

By  |  May 9, 2024

A controversial issue—one that spotlights the complexities of privacy, regulation, and the evolving role of technology in urban mobility—is unfolding in the bustling metropolis of Lagos, Nigeria's commercial hub.

At the heart of this issue lies the contentious matter of real-time data sharing between ride-hailing companies and the Lagos State government; an arrangement that is now in effect after some initial dispute. As stakeholders grapple with the implications of this data-sharing arrangement, a tangled web of concerns, perspectives, and regulatory frameworks has emerged.

Acquah Nana Yeboah, a communications expert and tech policy analyst, voices the concerns shared by many users. "As a ride-hailing app user, I value my privacy," he told WT. "While I understand the need for location sharing during trips, the prospect of indiscriminate real-time data sharing raises red flags."

Lagos, with its teeming population and notorious traffic congestion, is a fertile ground for ride-...

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