A 1-Year-Old Kenyan Logistics Startup Has Just Secured Funding From GreenTec Capital

Kenyan logistics startup, Amitruck, has secured an undisclosed amount of funding from GreenTec

Zambia’s Women-Led Clean Energy Distributor WidEnergy Secures Investment From GreenTec Capital

In a yesterday release, GreenTec Capital Partners, an investor in African businesses, informed

Kenyan Saas Firm SuperFluid Labs Raises Investment From GreenTec Capital

GreenTec Capital, an investor in African startups and SMEs, has invested in Kenya-based

Kenya’s Netwookie Secures Investment From GreenTec Capital

Netwookie; a Kenyan and French startup that is in the business of helping

Namibia’s PEBL Agrees Investment Deal With GreenTec Capital

Namibian enterprise, PEBL, which prides itself as a “producer of high-tech central processing units

Nigerian Logistics Startup Parcel-It Cinches Investment From GreenTec Capital

It has been announced that Nigerian logistics startup Parcel-it, which was launched in

Kenya’s Bismart Secures Investment From GreenTec Capital

Now regarded in many quarters as the first Kenyan company to incorporate blockchain