Namibia’s PEBL Agrees Investment Deal With GreenTec Capital

By  |  October 25, 2018

Namibian enterprise, PEBL, which prides itself as a “producer of high-tech central processing units (CPUs) to support Africa’s growing needs in the area of IT, has agreed terms with GreenTec Capital on an undisclosed amount of investment.

As is typical of most GreenTec investments, the specifics of the deal as per the financial implications remains to be disclosed. But taking a cue from its previous investments in such startups like Kenya’s Bismart (see details), Uganda’s Wazi Vision (see details), and the most recent deal struck with Nigeria’s Parcel-IT (see details), it can be surmised that a significant amount of capital investment has exchanged hands.

The narrative from the GreenTec camp has it that Africa is witnessing a welcome development as small and medium-sized enterprises have been seeing significant growth in recent times. And the development of these SMEs has created an increased need for technology. However, in spite of the growth achieved, Africa is yet to reach its full potential in the area of technology penetration and GreenTec is looking to go some way towards fixing the problem. This can be thought to have motivated the latest investment in the Namibian company.

“The penetration of computers in Africa is still very low, with only three computers for every one thousand Africans,” writes GreenTec. “This is due, in part, to the low presence of major PC manufacturers on the continent, as well as a lack of affordable options suitable to customer’s personal and business needs.”

PEBL seems poised to rewrite the narrative as the company appears to be making significant headway in the manufacture of customized CPUs that are suited to the identity and needs of clients. The company can be said to serve up a unique prospect in that it affords customers the option of having their machines designed to meet their specific needs.

The company claims to go about this by utilizing “high-quality hardware and software components” for a variety of computing applications including IoT, media, home security, business computing, as well as a range of personal computing options. The capital infusion from GreenTec, alongside other perks, is expected to facilitate its operations, as well as buoy its scaling and expansion plans.



This post was edited to exclude some factual inaccuracies. 


Source: Digest Africa

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