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What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Game Of Thrones

Winter is here. The long-awaited, thrilling, sense-freezing, mind-thrilling and all-time HBO blockbuster series has finally put an end to its

Dear Startup Founder, How Are Your Numbers?

For startups, it is imperative that progress towards the laid out objectives and goals be tracked and communicated to all

Nigerian Healthcare Startups To Receive USD 3 Mn Financial Boost

Private sector financing in Nigeria just like is the case in most African countries has always been poor and lopsided.

If Entrepreneurship Were A Blockbuster Film, This Is That Part Of The Movie That You Don’t See!

All it takes is one look at the colour-laden covers of ‘wealth-chronicling’ magazines like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc, and you

6 Nigerian Fin-techs Win USD 2 Mn Grants At EFInA Financial Inclusion Conference

The UK’s Enhancing Financial Innovation & Access (EFInA) held a financial services conference recently. The event titled ‘Powering Financial Inclusion

South African Bitcoin Startup Centbee Raises USD 1.3 Mn In Series A Round

Johannesburg-based Bitcoin wallet and merchant payment company Centbee has made known the closure of its Series A round worth USD

5 Simple Ways To Appreciate Your Customers

If you don’t appreciate your customers, who will? Guess who will? Your competitors would. Appreciation always goes a long way

How To Charge Your Work’s Worth The Right Way

After the meetings and deliberations, do you ever feel unsure to charge what you are worth? Charging your work’s isn’t

Interview: Cloud9xp-Creating Memorable Experiences & Connecting Adventure Seekers

Cloud9xp co-founders Tesh Mbaabu and Collins Mesongo, speak with Ayishat Amoo of WeeTracker Media on how they are matching leisure seekers

The 2018 World Cup Series for Startups: Five Things You Can Learn From FIFA For Your Venture

Much larger than the Olympics, The World Series, and even Super Bowl, the FIFA World Cup takes place every four