Announcing Our First Flagship Event, “Disruption 48” for African IdeaPreneurs

By  |  February 6, 2018

While there are a number of events and Entrepreneurship conclaves that focus on startups already having good visibility and traction, there is a big need for a support system for that young yet dynamic mind which may be brewing the next big idea, “the IdeaPreneurs”.

At WeeTracker, we have worked closely with early and growth stage startups across the globe and do recognize the value they seek from such startup events, conclaves and competitions.

With support from the likes of  University of Western Cape, Stellenbosch & UCT amongst others, we are announcing the launch of our first flagship event, Disruption48. In association with our amazing partners, this event could prove to be path defining for the young entrepreneurial minds of Africa.

Excited Enough to know more about D48?

Disruption48 aims to give access to resources, knowledge and a platform to the IDEAPRENEURS to engage with the entrepreneurial mindset and 21st century skills such as design thinking, problem solving and creative innovation. Our mission is to create a strong entrepreneurial pipeline of young Africans equipped to embark on their startup journey.  We want to kickstart a movement of a deeper entrepreneurial culture at the grassroot levels that slowly but surely transforms an economy as witnessed in other emerging markets around the world. The events will take place in phase wise manner starting from Cape Town this February and will be carried at multiple locations throughout the year.

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Who can apply?

Any one who is between 17 – 24 years of age & has an idea or a product envisioned to disrupt an industry, it’s time to get moving. This could be your chance to create history in the startup world with your idea.

You can be a :

  • Student
  • MNC/Startup employee
  • None of the above, but have a great idea

How to Apply?

For the first round of D48, the participants are required to fill and submit a questionnaire telling about their business idea.

Last date to apply is February 12th.

Why should you take part in Disruption 48?

Besides funding and networking, to potential teammates and users; countless opportunities await those at Disruption48. Here are just a few of them:

  • Cash Prize
  • Media Spotlight
  • International Immersion Program (Startup Safari)
  • Mentorship Hours
  • Free co-working Hours
  • Opportunity to intern/work with some amazing startups

The Selection Process

The Disruption 48 Jury comprises of esteemed entrepreneurs, investors and experts who will screen the applications based on based on various parameters.

Participants who have great ideas can see them to realise – From IDEA to MVP. There will be exciting talks from some of the leading entrepreneurs, executives, investors, media and more.

You can apply through this form, and remember, places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, so make sure you apply early.

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