Digital Diagnostic Care Debuts in Nigeria with PreDiagn

By  |  March 7, 2018

Nigeria’s healthcare sector has a new entrant with the launch of Predaign, a healthtech startup that delivers economical and accessible diagnostic services to its users. This means that with a smartphone and an internet connection, patients can get their health queries attended to almost real time.

PreDiagn which was launched in February 2018, uses the internet to connect patients to laboratories closest to them. The catch is that it does so at a much lower cost with little time wasted. It is expected that with Prediagn, subscribers will be in control of their health.

Those within the scope of PreDiagn “ includes both the sick patient undergoing medical care and requiring laboratory testing for diagnosis and treatment monitoring by their physicians, as well as apparently healthy individuals with an interest in their health and wellness,” said Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Adekunle Oluwatosin Adeluwoye.

Another group that the service caters according to Adekunle are “the uninsured populace that covers diagnostic healthcare services out-of-pocket, and the under-insured, not able to access certain types of diagnostic plans under their insurance plan.”

PreDiagn, a part of Co-creation hub’s Make-IT accelerator program, which was founded in 2016 and began Beta testing last year, currently operates in three cities in Nigeria (Lagos, Calabar and Ibadan, with the immediate plans to expand to all other major Nigerian cities and states. And in a few years, time Adekunle hopes to also penetrate other African countries and emerging markets.

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He believes that with 7 in 10 medical care requiring empirical-based diagnostic laboratory service for proper diagnosis, monitoring and/or treatment, “our market size is pretty huge.”

The startup is funded with finances raised from families and friends and profits ploughed back into the platform.

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