Here’s What Happened At Anambra Startup Masterclass

By  |  June 22, 2018

Anambra Startup Masterclass was held in Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria, last week. The roads of small business owners amongst others, all led to this innovative event, as the Startup Anambra Community offered this pre-organized one-day free event geared towards equipping young people, startups, idea owners, business owners, including all who cared to come around with the right steps, information, strategies, and skills to kick-start and run successfully, their innovative ventures. 

The scope of the Masterclass had five core basis of enlightenment. The first included Ideation, Prototyping, Development, Launching and Traction, while the second scope accommodated Branding Marketing and Sales. Startup Incorporation, Taxation and Policies formed the third scope, and the fourth concerned Pitching, Investment and Funding. The last scope focused on Expansion, Maturity and possible Exit. 

Participants of the Masterclass learned a myriad of innovative ideas ranging from fund accessing, scaling to maturity, marketing strategies, pitching ideas, writing business plans, understanding advances sales management and market sector analysis. They were also taught how to market their startups globally with advanced knowledge and through social media and learned about business incorporation, taxation and government policies. Participants as well got to grasps about how to best brand their startups. 

Startup Anambra is a non-profit, non-governmental community of startup founders and co-founders, innovative business owners, software developers, investors and tech enthusiast who are passionate about building a creative business ecosystem in Anambra State and beyond. They provide and offer a platform on which tech-businesses stand to achieve success, by getting top-class mentorship for the development of their businesses. 

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