Johannesburg Ranked Amongst Top Cities For Tech Startups Globally

By  |  July 1, 2018

Johannesburg, also known as the city of gold, has been named as one of the places to find business riches. The city is a melting pot of industrial and mineral resource, a glistening place of opportunities.

The city of gold made it to the number three spot in terms of best places for tech startups. These were the findings of, which is a reputable website that researches about small businesses in the UK; their market share and prices and overall revenue generation. They used the average business valuation, cost of living in each city in the world, and other metrics to conduct their research.

As the capital city of the wealthiest province in South Africa and one of the key contributors to the country’s economic growth, Johannesburg is an acute business person ideal place to launch a business. Other factors that make Johannesburg stand out is infrastructural facilities development, which is one of the best in Africa. The continent’s hub also boasts the largest malls in Africa. And with the metropolitan population, it is a dream place to offer a different kind of goods or services.

Other sources seemed to be in agreement with Johannesburg being a good business playgroup. Last year Nespick, one of the biggest platform for house rentals in the world, placed the city on 71st for the top 85 cities in the world to work in a startup industry.

South Africa has been witnessing a boom of startups in the recent years, which can be attributed to government’s active involvement in encouraging and offering financial backing to SMME in the bid to drive down the rate of unemployment.

Some of the other cities that were ranked high on the list include Boulder, USA; which topped the list, Bengaluru, India, took the second spot; Santiago, Chile and Stockholm, Sweden taking the fourth and fifth place respectively.


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