Ivorian Maurice Communication Marketing, EtuDesk And WeFlyAgri Selected As DEMO Africa Tour Innovation Champions

By  |  July 12, 2018

The much-heralded DEMO Africa West Africa Tour has been a huge success, ending with a trio of potential-filled startups nationally selected to represent Ivory Coast in the second round of the competition. The tour held at Ovillage, and as an outcome of DEMO Africa’s collaboration with Adei Institute of Technology. Communication Marketing, EtuDesk and WeFlyAgri Selected emerged winners of the Ivorian tour, from an outstanding startup pitch session.

As a pitch, Maurice Communication Marketing showcased what was called pass santes mousso, a jewelry-like gizmo with connection to an allow platform that helps users (patients) carry around their personal medical data The jewelry serves as an emergency response tool that helps make data available to the attending medical or emergency personnel.

EtuDesk, in a bid to better the academic sector, is an e-learning web application platform which helps educational institutions, organizations, and companies to set up their online learning programs conveniently and cost-effectively.

WeFlyAgri is an Agritech solution company that gives farmers the ability to land-lord over their lands, allowing them to oversee and manage it virtually, regardless of location.

Prepared to impress the judges, a total of 12 startups were at the competition. Professor Christian Tidou, Melei Anikpo, Yaya Bamba, Donald Djobo and Axelle Kadio-Morokro made up the panel of judges, who impartially observed, advised and scored the teams, basing their performance on the innovativeness of their products. The other startups that pitched were ZenApi, Kalejob, JANDA SARL, Damansah, Akil Technologies, Asher Services, Myrhann, Traductions, Bahrocel and YOB Technologies.

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Commenting at the event, DEMO Africa’s Harry Hare informed that DEMO Africa work tirelessly to discover startups that have the potential to illuminate Africa’s tech ecosystems capably. “Ivory Coast has brought out good innovations, and we DEMO Africa are pleased to play a role in such a remarkable generation of changers.”  

Odomitchi Anikpo of ADEI Institute of Technology remarked that “Ivoirian entrepreneurs have few opportunities to be included in such high-visibility international competition. ADEI Institute of Technology is committed to bridging the gap between our local Tech community and the global ecosystem. Introducing the first edition of DEMO Africa City Innovation Tour Côte d’Ivoire was met with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm by the Tech entrepreneurship Community”.  

The Ivorian center-stage holders are the last piece of the puzzle in West Africa – the three teams will wield their innovations as competing for tools against Nigerian and Ghanaian counterparts for the regional title. The local team that will emerge winner will represent West Africa at the event launching on 18th and 19th October, in Morocco. The regional startups that pull through will automatically qualify for the round of 30, where competitors will be provided with resources worth more than USD 150 K including USD 120 K software tools from Microsoft and USD 15 K from AWS to help them expand their businesses.

DEMO Africa is one of the flagship initiatives of [email protected] that is geared towards connecting African startups to the global ecosystem. The DEMO Africa stage presents a platform for the most innovative companies across Africa to launch their products and announce their solutions to the world

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